SAP Business One Partner Dubai

PGI Group Case Study

PGI GROUPPGI is one of Asia’s leading scrap metal processors, with business operations around the globe. Growing fast, the company’s transactions were increasing daily and control over finances was becoming more difficult to handle. Turning to Pinnacle, PGI quickly implemented SAP Business One, returning total control to management.

“We were growing fast as a company, and our existing software could not scale up with us. SAP Business One had all the capabilities we were looking for. It was futureproof.”

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

  • PGI was growing fast, and their previous software could not scale accordingly.
  • Management was having difficulties capturing and analyzing the increased daily transactions.
  • A new cloud-based ERP was required that could provide management with more control over reporting and finances.

Why SAP Business One and Pinnacle

  • SAP Business One offers hedging functionalities within a very comprehensive ERP package.
  • Pinnacle is a recognized SAP partner with over two decades of experience.
  • The Pinnacle team are fast to respond to any requirements, so PGI can action changes to SAP Business One quickly.
After: Value-Driven Results
  • Since implementation, all data is now in the cloud, enabling the team to work from anywhere, at anytime.
  • Decisions can be made faster based on accurate data from SAP and the global commodity exchanges.
  • The foundations for scaling up the business are now securely established.
  • Access to more detailed reports on sales and profitability means improved precise analysis.
  • Margin rates from one country to another can be addressed and actioned seamlessly.