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End to End facilities Management Software simplifies complex operations, aids costs reduction & improves efficiencies.


Enterprise Facility Management Software is a globally recognized web-based software solution that competes with other world-leading facilities management products. It is a modular facility management system that allows day-to-day management of the processes, automates operations, provides a management dashboard for critical analysis and enables enterprise-wide control most intelligently and efficiently.


  • The site-wise concept for multiple site implementation using a central server
  • Facility managers can view any location data quickly by selecting the location/Site on top
  • User privileges can be set, defining the sites to be viewed and restricted to every user on each site.

Principle Concept of Facilities Management

  • The main function of facilities management systems was initially focused on energy conservation and labour savings through equipment/asset management automation
  • Today, facilities management systems are for achieving safety, livability, energy conservation, labour saving and improving customer service in an integrated environment, effectively managing and controlling information

Improving the Management of a Property/Asset and at the same time Optimizing Operation Costs

  • Integrates all various process and procedures onto a single, intelligent network-based software solution
  • Centralized Repository for all the property’s assets, monitoring of budget/expenditure, maintenance records, management reports with KPI etc
  • Enhance the response to tenant’s feedback/response. Automated tracking thereby improving customer service
  • Optimize Operating/Running costs
  • Improve Staff Productivity as the system can intelligently search for data more expeditiously. Staff have then more time to focus on other key issues

Maintenance Management – Features

eFACiLiTY’s Maintenance Management system provides Enterprise Asset Management, Property Management, and Computerized Maintenance Management features that facilitate the Asset Managers to track, maintain and manage their assets, properties, facilities and equipment and get the best performance by them throughout their life-cycle.


  • Assets Tracking
  • Depreciation & Valuation
  • Life-cycle Management

Equipment / Asset Register

  • Maintain complete details of each equipment/asset in a plant or facility
  • Supplier and warranty information of each equipment
  • Tree structure to allow for a parent-child relationship between equipment
  • No limitation in the no. of equipment
  • Physical characteristics of each equipment, including height, width, depth and colour
  • Registration and certificate numbers for each equipment
  • Asset Type wise user-defined fields
  • Move equipment from one parent (site) to another
  • Track movements of equipment
  • Auto equipment numbering
  • Purchase cost and depreciation calculation


  • In-built PPM Library
  • Preventive (Scheduled) Maintenance
  • Corrective (Ad-hoc) Maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance & Best Procedures
  • Work Orders Management
  • Routine Inspection
  • Equipment Readings
  • Resource Scheduling
  • Technician/Labor Management
  • Time Cards
  • Downtime
  • Planning

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance Management

  • Tool for monitoring maintenance and repair job request
  • Storage of equipment data
  • Scheduling work orders to perform maintenance jobs – routine/preventive maintenance
  • Provide flexible working methods such as managing work through instant work orders, on-demand work orders and preventive maintenance work orders
  • Generate periodic reports and queries that include charts, database tables, drawings and images

Standard Maintenance Services

  • Allows building of templates for recurring maintenance activities
  • Manual & automatic

Maintenance Job Requests

  • Event of equipment failure
  • Escalation of job request

Work Orders

  • Work orders can be created for every maintenance task
  • Estimated and actual costs for each work order
  • The estimated and actual labour and spare parts are required
  • Link external files to print work orders – MS Word, MS Excel, and other file formats
  • Create work orders from customer’s job requests
  • Resource Scheduling – Scheduling the work for any day, week, month of any year for any equipment, trade or tradesperson
  • Add history at any time during a job
  • Create work orders from standard jobs
  • Add safety notes and instructions to each work order
  • E-mail escalation on work orders yet to start after the due date


  • Failure analysis codes
  • Downtime and repair time reporting
  • Full description of each job done
  • Add history without work orders


  • Store readings of equipment. E.g. hours, kpa, amps etc
  • Use readings to trigger maintenance policies
  • Calculate average usage rates for all equipment


  • Register downtime of all equipment/plant
  • Instantly produce daily and weekly downtime reports for use by management

Maintenance Policy

  • Plan all the work on any preventative maintenance or routine job, including all resources. Schedule maintenance by hours, weeks, years, kilometres etc
  • Two types of policy. The first type is a calendar based – e.g. days, weeks, months and years. The second type is usage-based – e.g. hour meter for hours, odometer for kilometres, weight meter for tones, etc
  • Create work orders for the created policies when they are due. By running the activator, MMS will select the maintenance policies that are overdue or due in the near future and turn them into work orders for each equipment.
  • Labor resource requirement and spare part requirement planning
  • Provide an area where you can store all your standard jobs. A standard job is a job that is planned (resourced) but not scheduled on a routine basis. The standard job can be turned into a work order when required


  • Vendor Management
  • Contracts Management
  • Alerts on Contracts nearing expiry
  • SLA Management
  • Rate Contracts
  • Purchase Requisition with the approval process
  • Alerts on Rate Contracts nearing expiry
  • RFQs & Quotations
  • Quotation Analysis and Order Placement

Contracts Management

  • Contracts storage and retrieval with attachments
  • For Scheduled and Corrective Maintenance Service, Procurement, Projects etc
  • Vendor Details, Contract Details, Terms of Payment, Contract & Warranty Period, Insurance Details etc
  • The Service Level Agreement (SLA) for the contract can be defined
  • Three levels of Auto Reminders for Contract End, Warranty End
  • To link to one or more facilities
  • Provision to store Contract Sum and the variations

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • SLA or Service Level Agreement can be defined for any job type, and priority combination
  • Analysis and escalation can be set against “Status” codes
  • Status can be “Response”, “Start of Work”, “Completion”, etc
  • Escalation time and the person to escalate can be defined
  • SLAs can be linked to a Contract or a Maintenance Policy (or facility), or a Work Order directly
  • SLA analysis and escalation can be done for internal work orders also

Rate Schedules

  • Rate schedules can be linked to Contracts
  • Revisions to rates are allowed and also cancelled
  • Work Orders pick up Trade wise rates for the supplier
  • Purchase Orders pick up Item wise rates for the supplier
  • Report to list Rate schedules nearing expiry

Stores Inventory Management

  • Master Inventory list
  • Purchase Requisition
  • Ordering
  • Inward / Returns / Issues
  • Multi-warehouse
  • Min/Max/Levels
  • Online Stock updates
  • Automated re-ordering / alerts
  • Conversion of an asset to stores item
  • Conversion of store item to asset
  • Spare life cycle tracking and scrap management


  • Record all the spare parts for maintenance/repair purposes
  • Charge out spare parts to customers
  • Create purchase orders for store purchase
  • Manage all suppliers and contracted rates for spares
  • Analyze the usage of all spare parts
  • Item re-order alert

Stores Inventory Management

  • Quality Inspection during item receipt
  • FIFO policy to manage perishable/non-perishable items
  • Material request and transfer within the site and other sites
  • Goods-in-transit tracking between sites
  • Fuel management feature
  • Stock variance approval workflow
  • Write In / Write Off entry for stock adjustment


  • Budgets, Forecasts
  • Invoicing
  • Keys Management
  • Time Cards
  • Six level Asset tree
  • Multi-site, Multi-Organization


  • Lease / Tenant Info
  • Tenant Billing
  • Score card


  • Generate invoice for a work order or for ad-hoc invoicing
  • MMS quote cost directly from the work order or use the quoted price on the invoice
  • Maintain discounts for each supplier. This will show on all invoices for that customer
  • Trade labour costs can be charged out differently to each customer

Key Management

  • Manage all the keys of a company
  • Who has keys, what keys are they
  • Track how often people lose keys


  • eFACiLiTY Mobile Online helps to improve the efficiency of the Maintenance Team by triggering the work orders directly to tradesmen’s mobile devices
  • The online version of eFACiLiTY Mobile runs on devices using GPRS / WiFi and connects to the eFACiLiTY server application to access the live data and perform live operations
  • The new eFACiLiTY Mobile Online application work on multiple platforms like iPad, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

eFACiLiTY Mobile – Features

Functionalities implemented in the Mobile platform are:
  • Asset Tracking
  • Help Desk Operations
  • Meter Readings
  • Work Order Processing
  • Inspections
  • Inspection and Audits
  • Facility Booking
  • Visitor Registration
  • eFACiLiTY works on the following operating systems:
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 5, 6, 6.1, 6.5
  • Microsoft Windows Phone 7.0, 7.5
  • Apple iOS 4+
  • Google Android 2.3+, 4.0+
  • BlackBerry OS 6+
  • Tablet OS 1+

Work Order Processing

  • View assigned work orders and Update completed work details
  • Update Consumables utilized against the work order

Meter Readings

  • Record tenant meter readings for Tenant Billing
  • View consumption details

Asset Tracking

  • Asset creation by capturing basic equipment details
  • Periodic asset validation by comparing the data captured in the mobile / PDA device against the asset register and Asset movement capture

Work Order Processing

Helpdesk Calls

  • Record or Report Calls, Requests and Issues, View assigned calls
  • Update findings, call-related responses, and Complete assigned calls
  • Standard KPIs – Preventive Maintenance Backlog, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), Overdue PM Work Orders, Maintenance Cost variance etc
  • Provision to drill down and view a detailed report
  • To create Custom KPIs and KPI Charts and associate detailed drill-down reports
  • Site-wise KPIs
  • Custom KPIs can be linked to menus, and privileges can be defined
  • Provision to auto-refresh to show the latest data
  • Gauges, Bar charts, Pie-charts etc. available

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

  • Standard KPIs – Preventive Maintenance Backlog, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), Overdue PM Work Orders, Maintenance Cost variance etc
  • Provision to drill down and view a detailed report
  • To create Custom KPIs and KPI Charts and associate detailed drill-down reports
  • Site-wise KPIs
  • Custom KPIs can be linked to menus, and privileges can be defined
  • Provision to auto-refresh to show the latest data
  • Gauges, Bar charts, Pie-charts etc. available

Pivot Grid Report

Drawing & Document Management

  • eFACiLiTY’s drawing and document management system is a digital management tool to store, track and manage information of all the drawings, documents, manuals, software etc., associated with the facility/building systems
  • The floor plans, equipment drawings, building plans, technical drawings, wiring diagrams, network diagrams etc., can be securely maintained and managed via the system

Drawing & Document Management – Features

  • Facility / Equipment wise drawings and documents
  • Multiple drawings and documents for each entity
  • Secured access
  • Supports all types of files, including DWG, BMP, JPG, PDF, DOC etc
  • Detailed search options for searching based on facility, equipment, level, manufacturer, type of file etc

Software Specifications

  • Microsoft’s .NET Framework
  • Browser-based thin-client interface
  • Supports Oracle/MSSQL/MSSQL Express
  • Email, SMS, MMS Messaging
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Language of your choice
  • Supports MS Exchange, LDAP
  • Building Management Systems (BMS) Integration
  • Ready for integration with Microsoft Active Directory, Oracle Single Sign-on
  • PDA extension with Microsoft Pocket PC
  • Table, Field, Activity wise Audit Trail
  • Security Policy Management