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The proliferation of digital devices has brought about a sharp rise in the number of theft incidents. This could translate into significant loss of sensitive data for enterprises that allow their employees to use smartphones at work. It is here that securing enterprise endpoints can come to your rescue. Server and endpoint security Dubai is the process to secure a network in times of remote access from such devices as tablets, laptops, smartphones, PCs, and wireless apps. If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to protect your business, then you should look for Pinnacle’s server and endpoint security solutions in Dubai.


With billions of computing devices flooding the consumer space, it has become challenging to make each device comply with the security policy. This will further result in more data exchange and proliferation of information, posing numerous data security challenges. Changing business models that depend on multiple devices and apps will result in more security alerts, making it difficult to spot malicious attacks. The main challenge is to scan through all sensory alerts and spot the seriously harmful ones. As a result, security intelligence should move to the endpoint of Dubai, which could act as a vehicle and vector for attacks. The focus should be on maintaining security hygiene and intelligence to spot targets and disrupt attacks.

The whole idea of ensuring endpoint security is to monitor software and activities by installing the application on all endpoint devices and network servers. The policy-based approach to offering network security requires compliance of endpoint devices with specific criteria before they are granted access to network resources.

Server and endpoint security UAE systems are designed on a client/server model. Typically, the security program is hosted on a centrally managed server or a gateway, with each network device hosting an accompanying client program. When a logging attempt is made in the network, user credentials are immediately validated by the server program. Before allowing or rejecting network access, the server application scans the device to check for compliance with security policies.

  • Anti-malware protection
It is essential to block malware and any suspicious activities right at the perimeter. This is exactly what our server and endpoint security UAE services are meant for. Our endpoint security solution comprises antivirus and antimalware. Behavioral monitoring is targeted at preventing zero-day attacks and stop the infection from spreading.
  • Anti-spam filtering
Unsolicited email or spam is a big problem in electronic communication. Pinnacle’s server and endpoint security UAE services are meant to offer antispam protection. Our antispam module combines different email security principles to provide superior filtering to your inbox, recognize unsolicited emails based on whitelist and blacklist. Addresses from your contacts are automatically included in the whitelist while blacklist includes all spam addresses.
  • Data Leakage prevention (DLP)
Extend your data security with Pinnacle endpoint data leakage prevention services. The whole idea is to enable you to gain complete control of sensitive data. Our service is meant to monitor risky activities, run endpoint discovery scans, ensure compliance and safeguard intellectual property.
  • Patch Management
Patch management is critical to securing your systems and networks. In this fast-paced world of automation, patch management is highly effective in scanning all networked machines for detecting missing patches, synchronizing vulnerable database, deploying missing patches, and providing updates on patch deployment status. With patch management, it is easier to automate testing, staging, and deployment of patches within minutes. Automation saves time and money compared to manual processes.
  • Web URL filtering
URL filtering technology is designed to prevent computer users from surfing inappropriate content on the Internet. When users browse a website, the filter verifies the origin of the page against the rules laid down by the company. As part of our server and endpoint security UAE services, a Web URL filtering solution is often installed on a firewall or proxy server to prevent access to malware hosts.
  • Managed BYOD

Since network traffic is highly encrypted and attacks are targeted at the application itself, threat detection could be extremely difficult. With the rise in Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), it is extremely challenging to impose security measures. So what is the way out? Managed BYOD or flexible access to data via virtual apps is a secure way to work because data is kept in a secure data center.

This ensures that the user device does not host any confidential data. All traffic in the network is virtualized. Centralized and standardized desktops and terminal servers offer strong control over the endpoint. Besides, it requires strong authentication. Pinnacle’s server and endpoint security Dubai solution meets all these requirements.

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