Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Dubai

Microsoft Power BI

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Microsoft Power BI Dashboard Dubai

Data and analytics are quintessential to any business. But turning the overwhelming flood of data into analytics is not easy unless you have access to the best Power BI dashboard. It can transform data into insights within minutes anywhere anytime, so you can make quick informed decisions. The Microsoft Power business analytics service makes it easier to:

  • Transform unrelated sources of data into stunning visuals and interactive insights
  • Share analytics across devices and collaborate
  • Analyze data anywhere in one view, including in the cloud or on-premises

The process begins by connecting Power BI dashboard to data sources and generating a report, which is then published to the Power BI service in Dubai and shared with end users.

With Power BI reports in UAE, you can seamlessly connect data sources, create quick insights, get real-time analytics, and visualize critical data. The best power BI dashboards enable fast sharing of important information with little effort.

There are three elements of Power BI, including mobile apps, desktop, and service, that complement each other and let users create and share insights. There is another element in the form of Power BI Report Server, which is designed to enable publishing of reports that were created in Power BI Desktop on an on-premises report server.

With the best power BI dashboards in Dubai, users can connect to a range of data sources and put the analytical insights into best use.

Power BI – Bring Data Analytics to Employees 

Power BI gives the management greater insight into the functioning of departments through executive dashboards for administrators. Microsoft Power BI gives you the best tool to get insights within your company’s data and connect disparate data sets. The data is then transformed into a data model. Power BI dashboard is used to create charts or graphs to analyze data visually.

The data models can be leveraged to tell stories through data visuals and charts and examine different scenarios. Microsoft Power BI reports are created to encourage sales and provide real-time data for management to get an insight into the functioning and performance of individual employees or departments.

Features of Power BI

Microsoft continues to update and add features to Power BI dashboard. Some of the key features include:

  • Hybrid deployment support allows Power BI tools to connect with disparate sources of data through built-in connectors.
  • Artificial intelligence is one of the key features of Power BI. The dashboard enables users to access both text and image recognition analytics.
  • Users can get quick insights by creating subsets of data and automating analytics.
  • Power BI dashboard provides support for common data model.
  • Customization is another key feature that enables developers to modify how the default visuals look. It can also be used to customize reporting tools. Developers can even import new tools.
  • With application performance interfaces, developers can embed the Power BI dashboard elsewhere.
  • The modeling view helps in the seamless division of complex data models into separate diagrams. Data from disparate sources can be combined into a data model.

With the Microsoft Power BI dashboard and service, users can build and edit reports with visuals. Additionally, users can add filters, bookmarks, and buttons, for better enhance navigation. Power BI reports are saved in the Power BI service workspace and then dashboards are built on top. The reports and dashboards can then be shared with end users.

Microsoft Power BI is a leader in the pack. For Power BI pricing, users must consider the type of investment you want to make. There are 3 options or Power BI pricing models, including free, pro, and premium. While the free Power BI is the basic version, the other two come at a price with additional features. Connect with Pinnacle for easy deployment of Microsoft Power BI dashboard.