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Compliance Consulting Services [IT Audit, Policy Creation & Review]

Many organizations find it challenging to maintain a robust information technology control environment in order to secure IT assets and mitigate risks. IT audit and compliance is the systematic, documented verification process performed on the information systems of an organization to verify compliance with internal policies and regulations. The role of IT audit is critically important to secure IT assets and manage the IT risk universe, ensuring the IT best practices are followed to provide value for the organization. At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on our efficient security consulting services that address the most critical risks. 


A team of informed and aware security consulting services providers, with understanding of the importance of compliance frameworks, can improve IT audit and counter dynamic threat. It can also help provide a range of customized services to check your company’s risk appetite and ensure compliance.

In order to anticipate data security risks and challenges, your organization needs to think different and stay a step ahead of uncertainty. It is equally important to understand the impact of risk while finding out ways to address risk strategically.

A team of skilled and seasoned IT auditors focuses on designing IT audit plans to mitigate critical system security risks posed to your company.   With such a skilled and reliable team, you can follow top auditing standards with a focus on delivering utmost integrity and confidentiality.

Pinnacle’s cyber threat monitoring services are designed to help you anticipate the risk posed to your organization that might threaten strategic growth. It is critically important to identify interactions between potential risk factors that impact your organization. Similarly, it is equally crucial to understand the relation and interconnectivity between lines of defense, so you can work on ways to drive performance.


In the world of compliance, audits, and regulations, businesses find it challenging to keep pace with data collection and auditor relationships. A lack of focus on these critical activities, your organization may be at risk.

A properly structured IT audit program is quintessential to evaluating internal control systems, risk management practices, and regulatory compliance. The purpose of an efficient IT audit and compliance team is to ensure that your business is risk-focused. Additionally, the right IT audit practice promotes sound IT controls, while ensuring timely resolution of audit deficiencies.

At Pinnacle, we support industry specific audits to help secure and grow your business. With Pinnacle as a partner, you can benefit from our expert security consulting services to manage audit and compliance.

Our specialized team is dedicated to following the compliance best practices and providing thorough, accurate, and robust reporting. We work closely with you to help you understand and gain visibility on the evolving compliance needs. With our robust framework, clients gain visibility on their compliance.

We can efficiently manage your IT audit and compliance process by establishing the right ways to identify control goals and collect data. Leverage the experience of our endpoint monitoring and reporting team to more efficiently manage IT audit, risk, compliance, and governance.

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