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No hospitality business can survive without committing to and providing high-quality, personalized guest services. Industry veterans would agree that hospitality service levels hold the key to survival in the business. In an industry where you are constantly challenged to meet the needs of your savvy patrons that don’t hesitate to demand more for less, it would help to adapt quickly to the technological developments to enhance customer service while optimizing cost.

The hospitality industry, be it hotels, travel agencies, casinos, restaurants, airlines, recreation, cruise liners or car rental companies, faces stiff challenges to deliver up to guest expectations, overcome shortage of labor and skills, and keep pace with the global distribution revolution.

Pinnacle has world-class experience to deliver IT aligned hospitality ERP solutions with our integrated suite of infrastructure, IT, and business process outsourcing services. Leverage our personalized solutions to resolve the most pressing business challenges facing the industry. SAP for hospitality comprises easy to use business modules, From personalized touch points to fraud detection, RFID guest recognition and contact-less check-ins, we ensure seamless transformation to technology for clients, helping reduce cost and improve efficiencies through process excellence. Our ERP for hospitality is easy to use and requires low maintenance.

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A hospitality business has its task cut out with an array of business processes, from property management to marketing & distribution, real estate development, asset management & maintenance, and finance & accounting. Introducing ERP in hospitality will reward you with significant advantages. Pinnacle has the knowledge, solutions, and skill sets to design unique software architecture for your hospitality business with third party integrations.

Our comprehensive restaurant management software solutions bring tremendous business value to clients, helping you personalize and enhance guest experience.

Leverage our innovative, integrated solutions to improve your hospitality services and serve guests to the best of your ability and enjoy increased revenue. Modernize your property management & central reservation system with our integrated suite to increase the agility of sales systems, reduce operating cost, drive technology efficiencies, and ensure consistent omni-channel guest experience.

Bring the power of technology to your business with Pinnacle’s hotel management software, which helps you streamline your multi-unit operations so you can scale, meet guest expectations, and stay ahead of the competition.

Our hotel management software solution is quickly becoming a benchmark in the industry. The hospitality industry is undergoing an evolution, with the changing distribution landscape, rising guest expectations, and need for actionable insights.

Mobility solutions are the need of the hour for the hotel industry, as more than 20% of queries are from mobile. Thus hoteliers must create mobile-friendly solutions that can bring them business and generate new revenue streams.

Potential customers of the hospitality industry are engaging in social media. This poses a big challenge for businesses to understand customer sentiments, be proactive in resolving issues, and manage brand reputation. Pinnacle’s unique hospitality ERP services are based on the core technology pillars of mobility & analytics and cloud computing to enable hoteliers to deliver a memorable guest experience and improve operational efficiency.

SAP for hospitality helps you perform your daily task in a more organized and responsive way. We create a robust restaurant software ecosystem to fit into your unique business environment, simplifying all aspects of systems and helping streamline business operations, increase operational efficiency, and improve utilization of resources.



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