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Automation Anywhere is the top cloud company set up to empower customers to automate their business processes using bots. Starting with a mission to help clients digitize, automate, and analyze processes in an integrated platform, Automation Anywhere is equipped with the most powerful robotic process automation capabilities to automate complex tasks. The revolutionary technology takes over manual tasks and literally changes the way the enterprise operates. The web-based technology combines RPA with intellectual elements to easily perform repetitive and manual tasks and optimize the customer experience.

Automation helps devices operate automatically, requiring no human intervention. It plays a key role in different industries. Pinnacle, a proud Automation Anywhere partner in Dubai, UAE, delivers secure enterprise automation solutions and process intelligence to improve operational efficiency, accelerate business processes, and increase cost savings.

Automation Anywhere Architecture

There are 3 primary components of automation anywhere architecture

• Control Room
• Bot Creator
• Bot Runner

Why use Automation Anywhere

The revolutionary RPA tool allows enterprises to empower their employees. Automation Anywhere benefits organizations in various ways:

No Programming
The Automation Anywhere tool requires no technical knowledge or coding skills. You don’t need any programming knowledge either to run the system. It is easy to use recorders for recording manual actions and editing them with the task editor.

Fast Deployment
The tool is easy to set up and deploy. It saves time and hardly takes a few weeks to get up and running. Pinnacle is a proud Automation Anywhere partner in UAE and has been helping enterprises deploy automation strategies quickly. We boast a team of certified professionals that can ensure quick and hassle-free integration of automation with existing applications.

No Errors
There is no chance of human error in automation. Once automated, the tasks are performed flawlessly.

Precise Engineering
Innovation is at the heart of automation. The number one automation platform adds innovation for enterprises. The enterprise-grade solution uses cutting-edge technology and world-class bots to cater to business needs.

Scalable Architecture
As a highly scalable RPA tool, Automation Anywhere takes away your worry about increasing demand. It is hassle-free to augment the deployment of bots to expand the business to meet the rising demand.

The safety of enterprise data is a huge advantage with Automation Anywhere, which boasts reliable data security features. The enterprise-wide tool comes complete with real-time data capture capabilities that help decision-making.

Increased Throughput
An organization can complete its back and middle tasks more efficiently and effortlessly with the leading RPA solution. What’s more, there is no risk of human errors, thus, enterprises can derive greater value and higher customer satisfaction.

The Pinnacle Advantage

As a proud Dubai Automation Anywhere partner, let Pinnacle help you unlock the true value of RPA. We can help you automate business processes efficiently based on a data-driven approach and accelerate your business growth. Making automation bots a part of your digital workforce gives enterprises the advantage of high process efficiency. Bots yield real-time data and analytics, which empowers your workforce. With Pinnacle, you can take advantage of unparalleled RPA scaling capabilities. You can depend on us for the on-demand deployment of bots and automate any processes.

Let us show you how human-bot collaboration can drive business growth and success. Get the Pinnacle advantage today!