Backup and Archive

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The need to protect mission critical information from localized disasters and disruptive incidents cannot be ignored. Since there is an exponential growth of data, enterprises seek technologies that can efficiently protect the proliferation of unstructured data sets. Protect your data and apps to avoid costly business interruptions and meet compliance.

With Pinnacle’s low cost, scalable backup and archive UAE solution, you can reduce forecasting risks and securely extend your on-premises backup solutions to the cloud while reducing deployment and management cost. In the cloud, we support an array of cloud storage platforms.

Hassle-Free Backup and Data Archiving

Now you can simplify backup and data archiving and improve productivity by spending less time and money on managing on-premises backup cloud storage solutions. With Pinnacle’s backup and data archiving Dubai solutions, you can enjoy the benefits of hybrid and cloud storage and backup-as-a-service.

This means you do not have to spend time worrying about managing space on costly backup storage solutions. Alternatively, cloud storage integration and backing up workload to the cloud is effortless with our cloud support solution.  File archiving and cloud data backup combine to lower the strain piles of data and information put on your storage infrastructure. This also aims to lower the backup expenditure.  The goal of file archiving and cloud backup is to properly store data in the cloud and organize it so that it is easy to search through to locate specific information.

Pinnacle’s cloud backup and archive UAE services are designed to make it easy for you to manage information from a single dashboard. The best thing about our cloud backup solution is that it is compatible with most platforms and apps. We can help you move piles of data to the cloud and provide effective backup to protect it.

Some of the features of our data backup and archiving solutions in the cloud include:

  • Private key encryption
  • Local backup storage
  • Centralized monitoring
  • File versioning
  • Granular data selection
  • Flexible recovery options
  • Deep de-duplication to maximize data reduction
  • Hybrid-cloud archiving
  • Recovery and backup

The Pinnacle Cloud Backup and Archive Dubai Solution Advantage

Our cloud storage solutions are a cost-effective way to reliably store data and enjoy non-disruptive scalability. With Pinnacle’s backup and archive UAE solutions, you can enjoy integrated, automated data protection that provides you with a complete view of your stored data, irrespective of its location in the premises or in the cloud. The integration of disaster recovery and data protection helps improve the TCO of cloud storage.

Connecting your backup data to the cloud is a hassle-free process with Pinnacle. We are continually improving our backup and recovery solutions in the cloud.  With our robust backup and archive solution, you can

  • Back up your databases, endpoints, apps, and files efficiently.
  • Back up and archive your structured and unstructured data and remain agile.
  • Recover data quickly and hassle free.
  • Optimize storage with de-duplication.
  • Enjoy virtual system support, top-notch protection, and rapid recovery in the event of a disaster.

All in all, it is wise to have several layers of security and protection for your data, given the amount of security threats that can damage your profitability.

Pinnacle prides itself on its vision to provide the most comprehensive IT security, backup, and archive solutions in the cloud for clients.

With our cloud backup and archive Dubai services, you get support across all major platforms, irrespective of the size of data, file, or server. Our solution is easy to customize to the data sets for protection. Our industry standard private key encryption adds that extra layer of data archive security. Last but not the least, you can manage archives in the cloud effortlessly from a central dashboard. This enables you to stay updated with the status of your archives.