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There isn’t anything worse than a mail server going down for a business, as it can adversely impact operations of the organization. In today’s challenging business environment, email and collaboration are imperative to the success of an enterprise. Hence it’s necessary for enterprises to use smarter messaging solutions for email and collaboration needs. With the world of messaging becoming more complex by the day and Dubai being an internet city, Pinnacle can help your business with a smarter messaging service in Dubai.

The messaging solution is designed exclusively for a Microsoft exchange server so you need not worry about any server related issues. With a robust IT infrastructure in Dubai and decades of experience with the Microsoft Exchange, which is the foundation of Microsoft’s Unified Communications solution, we have been helping clients address communication challenges like never before.


A flexible and reliable platform, a Microsoft exchange server, is the right base for enterprise messaging services in Dubai. Microsoft Exchange helps reduce messaging costs by almost 50-80%, manage risk, and boost productivity with easy access to business communications while safeguarding your enterprise with compliance capabilities. Effective deployment of Microsoft Exchange requires a deep understanding of its complexity and capabilities. Pinnacle engineers and consultants are the leading Microsoft exchange service provider experienced in designing and installing email solutions for enterprises and offering constant IT support in Dubai to train your staff in Microsoft Exchange Server and offer support to ensure your email system stays up and running all the time.


As a reliable hosted Microsoft Exchange service provider, Pinnacle is committed to ensuring that your business is always up and running, helping enhance productivity by improving collaboration and mobility. Working with Pinnacle is a convenient way for your business to access the best mailing and messaging solution at an affordable price without having to worry much about up-front investment.

As part of our Managed Exchange services, we can help with:

  • Installation, monitoring, and management of Microsoft Exchange Server in your enterprise.
  • Upgradation and migration of the Microsoft Exchange Server from an older version.
  • Implement and support fault-tolerant messaging systems, email security and virus protection, including disaster recovery.
  • Constant remote messaging services and IT support in Dubai to client desktops through internal help desk system.
  • Solutions for mobile and remote email access.

We pride ourselves on our storage solutions that comply with Microsoft’s best practices so that you can deploy them with confidence. Our solutions for Exchange Server have been custom designed to enable you to benefit from the latest features in the Server. With our cutting-edge messaging solutions, you can benefit from reduced storage costs, increased availability, and a less complex IT environment. Migrating and deploying your Exchange Server data onto our storage system will help improve storage utilization by almost 60-70%.

We have an optimized portfolio for Microsoft Exchange that has been designed to

  • deliver performance efficiency, smart data management of our flash-based storage systems
  • enable flexibility, scalability of operations
  • boost efficiency of business operations
  • reduce planned and unplanned downtime
  • maximize application performance
  • deploy applications in a private cloud

Our hosted exchange services facilitate the task of:

  • Emailing with your domain name
  • Collaborating from any device
  • Getting easy Outlook Web Access
  • Enabling you to use the personal and shared calendars and address book
  • Increasing Microsoft Exchange Server availability
  • Getting better data protection
  • Archiving Exchange data within minutes



The present business landscape presents its own challenges. Technological developments have solved problems for businesses, but also created challenges at the same time. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the tools available to businesses to accelerate performance by transitioning to the cloud versions of highly secure communications and collaboration products. As an industry leader in technology and the leading IT outsourcing Dubai companies, Pinnacle combines these powerful applications with technical experience to help our customers gain the benefits of new technologies.

We begin by understanding the client’s business environment, objectives, and requirements and then make assessment to determine whether Office 365 is the right solution for your organization and how it will impact your bottom line. This allows us to plan and deploy the solution with our leading-edge Office 365 migration services. We pride ourselves on our proven services to ensure client’s seamless transition to the cloud, helping you realize results as soon as possible.

Unified Services for One and All

Pinnacle being the leading Microsoft exchange service provider in Dubai, are committed to providing proven enterprise messaging services to provide clients with one platform for unified services that empower their staff to work across devices. Our responsive solutions are designed to ensure that there is a similar kind of protection, security, and control over cloud-based assets as they would experience with on-premises solutions. We understand that clients expect scale, without any time delays and worrying about upgrade, installation, and hardware costs.

Office 365 is a collaboration platform with a feature-rich email system that includes integrated calendaring, web access, compatibility with mobile devices, campus contacts directory, and 50-gigabyte online storage per account.

Our IT infrastructure Dubai services for the Office 365 are designed to offer you:

  • Service accountability and excellence
  • Data location choices
  • Consumption-based solutions
  • Global capabilities
  • Faster rollout
  • Reduced deployment times
  • Hassle, free, smooth implementation processes

With a prime focus on delivering top-rated IT outsourcing Dubai services, we ensure customers benefit from simplified Office 365 administration, governance, compliance, and file share presentation.

Online Backup and Restore

Our comprehensive services also include platform-level backup and restore capabilities for Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Online so that you can easily respond to the evolving infrastructure and architecture requirements and access data more readily, reliably, and efficiently than ever before.

Online Management

Accelerate the adoption of Office 365 to stay current with the competitive business landscape, without having to worry about implementation, maintenance, or management issues. As IT experts, we have in-depth knowledge and experience of using this cloud-based email and calendar platform and can thus simplify administration and management of Microsoft Office 365 for you.

At Pinnacle, we are the top-rated IT infrastructure Dubai companies that bring deep understanding of Office 365 and also the challenges facing the enterprises of today. We take pride in helping our customers who wish to migrate to the cloud and benefit from technological developments make a successful transition to Office 365, driving business value and cost savings.






Servers must always be up and running for the smooth functioning of your business online. The downtime of servers can be a cause for great concern for an organization. However, annual maintenance can save you headache of successive halts. At Pinnacle, we offer annual maintenance Dubai services and take responsibility of ensuring that your server and IT equipment continue to run efficiently and deliver quality performance all the time.