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Putting patients at the center of every decision is the only way to ensure timely care. Information technology can play a big role in the provision of best patient care. The increased use of mobile technology and electronic medical records (EMR) promises to take healthcare management to a new level. As a result, patients and physicians continue to note improvements in the industry brought about by the advent of health information technology, making patient information available at fingertips. Pinnacle prides itself on its IT excellence that helps us provide the best-of-breed clinic management software for clients in the healthcare industry. Leverage the power of our IT solutions to convert loads of patient data into insights for care delivery management, enterprise imaging, and human resources & payroll management to improve clinical, operational, and financial outcomes for the healthcare sector.

Evolution of Medical Technology

Patient care is no longer location centric. Rather, the advent of medical technology has proved to be a blessing in disguise for the healthcare industry. The health sector is using data & technology for the provision of better patient care, with data availability anywhere anytime.

  • Collaboration

Transform your organization’s value by accessing unprecedented amounts of data for deeper insight into patient care. Pinnacle’s technological excellence helps establish a connection between patients and doctors across distances through telecommunications, saving time and money. Using healthcare ERP solutions technology solutions for the integration of evidence-based insights into patient care processes, collaboration with care teams, and support for new care models, it is possible to create greater standardization with a focus on patient-centered approach.

  • Engagement

Long gone are the days when most of the time was lost in maintaining patient records. Now there has been a dynamic shift, with a focus on maintaining relationships, putting patients at the center of your decisions. It is more about delivering personalized interactions. Healthcare ERP solutions offer patients a convenient way to interact with hospital staff and request appointments. Additionally, access to clinical records is a breeze for patients, who are also able to make medical bill payments online.

HERP for the hospital industry makes patients tracking a seamless process, delivering real-time data to your fingertips, so patients do not have to spend long hours in waiting rooms. Pinnacle’s ERP for the healthcare also helps save time for nurses and doctors, which was otherwise spent on searching for equipment and patient records.

  • Healthcare analysis 

ERP for the hospital industry enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality of patient care, streamline claims submission, enhance patient engagement, minimize the risk of treatment delays, and improve accuracy & accessibility of patient records, while maximizing revenue potential.

Hospital facilities may also benefit from a robust accounting solution to monitor financial performance across multiple locations and get clear real-time visibility into your financial performance. Business analytics and clinics management software from Pinnacle helps healthcare providers collect, centralize, and analyze unstructured patient data from a number of sources to stay agile, generate reports, and monitor key performance indicators, and focus on data-driven strategies for greater patient satisfaction.

At Pinnacle one will find the best ERP for healthcare. Leverage Pinnacle’s IT services to improve your health management system and make extraordinary improvements in your practice. Make your staff more efficient with our IT solutions, so you can run your practice more efficiently and offer the best patient care.



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