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The advent of information technology has brought about a dramatic change in the media & publishing industry. With the digital revolution, a majority of media and publishing houses are looking to reduce operational expenses and make the most from IT infrastructure investments. Pinnacle delivers a wide range of digital solutions to help clients drive down cost and improve efficiency while dealing with a host of challenges, ranging from inefficient supply chain management to human intervention between systems, high production costs, digital asset mismanagement, disparate IT systems, expensive infrastructure maintenance, and inadequate digital distribution management.

With our extensive experience across processes, technologies, divisions, and platforms, Pinnacle SAP for media focuses on cost-efficiency to help clients improve revenue and bottom line, encompassing digital transformation. Leverage our IT infrastructure to harness the power of information technology across the entire media ecosystem, including media, entertainment firms, book publishers, and radio and TV broadcasters.

The value of time in media cannot be compromised. Delay of one second could mean losing out to the competition in broadcasting “breaking news” or other priority news, which could result in heavy revenue loss. Effective and strategic IT infrastructure can help media companies stay up with the trends and not miss out on any such opportunities. With Pinnacle’s IT business applications, your media house can focus on core activities, while we drive your digital printing solutions, so you can reduce IT asset redundancies and human error and improve performance of information technology systems.

Besides traditional infrastructure services, Our ERP for media industry creates value by integrating our IT infrastructure, business applications and processes that seamlessly align with your overall business vision and strategy.

With SAP for media, you no longer have to worry about designing, operate, and managing your information infrastructure. Rather, Pinnacle’s ERP for media industry takes full responsibility for this, in addition to managing all third party providers. Our digital printing services include commissioning global voice and data services.

Asset management

Managing your data and assets is the key to running a seamless business. Our SAP printing’s specialization lies with managing data centers and digital assets, ensuring that you can access media assets hassle free and enjoy lasting business returns.

Workplace Management

At Pinnacle, SAP printing is specialized in workplace management in the cloud, handling all aspects of user support and application management through cloud computing to ensure agility and scalability. 

The prime focus of ERP media is on security & risk management across departments and channels.

Our ERP media’s support services suite helps improve communication among print media and publications client, providing out-of-the-box solutions. We manage business workflow of media while users are able to maintain and manage enterprise wide solutions.