Penetration Testing

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A penetration test is a type of simulated cyber attack against your network to check for security vulnerabilities. Also known as pen testing, the process may involve a simulated or attempted breaching of computer apps, including backend or frontend servers, application protocol interfaces, to reveal vulnerabilities in the network that might make it vulnerable to code injection attacks. With penetration testing Dubai, the idea is to
  • Test the system or network with simulated attacks
  • Expose and exploit weak points and exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Identify potential security loopholes that make it vulnerable to cyber attacks
  • Leverage the insights to strengthen security policies

Insights can be further used to fine-tune patch detected vulnerabilities before cyber criminals can discover and exploit them. If you are looking for penetration testing UAE experts, then you can trust Pinnacle as your security partner. We will evaluate your security controls and leverage our experience to conduct simulated penetration tests using real-world hacking techniques.


The purpose of pen test is to get insight into important data from outsiders that can have unauthorized access to your network.

A pen tester, also known as an ethical hacker, uses various breaching techniques to initiate a simulated attack on your system.

  • Comprehensive testing for application and network attacks

There could be design and development errors in the hardware or software. Penetration testing is done to identify any such bugs that might pose a breach threat to your mission critical data. Comprehensive testing helps identify possible causes of attack or breach, which may include human error, connectivity to insecure network, poor system configuration, feature-rich complex system, weak passwords, inadequate risk management, communication channel loopholes, and/or lack of trained staff.

  • Define the level of risk that exists on the network and optimize security investments

The next step is to identify the vulnerability and assess how it can be exploited to breach your system security and gain access to critical data. With vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, it gets easier to identify strengths and weaknesses in a system and find whether the existing defensive measures are fool-proof to security breaches.

  • Analysis of current exposure to breaches that threaten critical information and assets

Penetration testing tools exploit security gaps that could result in compromised credentials and stolen records. This could also result in data ransom, loss of personally identifiable information, intellectual property, and protected health information. The exposure of security vulnerabilities could help you determine how to mitigate and protect your critical data.

  • Get practical and relevant technical information on how vulnerabilities can be fixed

With such simulated tests, you are better equipped with data and information to expose vulnerabilities and determine countermeasures to strengthen the system and reduce the risk of a cyber breach, unauthorized activity, or malicious attack.

Pen tests may be performed manually or automated. Both penetration testing Dubai techniques focus on reconnaissance or gathering details about the target before launching the simulated attack, identifying vulnerabilities or weaknesses, simulating breach, and exposing the findings. It also helps test the security compliance of an organization and its ability to respond to such attacks. A comprehensive white hat attack includes internal, eternal, targeted, and blind testing.

Thorough testing of the IT infrastructure is critical to reinforcing security measures to secure critical data from hackers and improving your IT team’s response time to an attack.

At Pinnacle, we are penetrating testing UAE experts with decade-long experience in the IT industry. Let us take charge of your security assessment and reinforce measures to secure your critical data from malicious attacks.

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