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Managing and growing your business profitably wasn’t so easy before. Thanks to the advent of information technology, it is easier than ever for businesses to implement and manage enterprise applications and manage business operations accurately and hassle-free. As a premier retail software solutions provider, Pinnacle prides itself on providing comprehensive business management solutions for the retail sector, irrespective of the size of your business.

Wondersoft Retail Solutions 

We are committed to providing industry specific solutions for customers, offering retail businesses powerful and flexible point of sale solutions, so you can accurately and securely conduct customer sale and payment transactions.

Leverage our vast experience and knowledge in the industry to control, manage, and price stock effectively. Our retail business solutions are designed for high volume outlets in retail chains, offering out-of-the-box features to

  • Efficiently handle operations, from POS & billing to store & warehouse
  • Seamlessly track and expedite POS processes
  • Streamline business operations
  • Make informed decisions with powerful reporting tools and access to accurate data
  • Reduce POS system and operating costs
  • Sell across multiple channels
  • Grow and manage your entire supply chain
  • Expand to multi-store operations

With decades of business experience, we leverage the best-of-breed technology to design user-friendly, intuitive, and cost-effective solutions that help customers achieve business goals quickly. We boast a team of domain experts who bring experience and understanding of business practices and trending innovations in the industry, and strive hard to enhance customer experience and support them in their journey of growth.

As a Wondersoft partner, we offer rich, intuitive retail industry solutions that are completely configurable to suit your business. Our solutions are designed with out-of-the-box features to handle all kinds of retail operations, from store & warehouse to POS & billing and other functions, supporting all verticals of the box.

Our prime goal is to streamline processes among retailers, suppliers, and customers and offer retail software solutions, so businesses can be in total control of the whole retailing process, from buying to stocking, booking, marketing, and selling, and run at optimum efficiency and profitability. Our products are designed to address the following issues:

  • Secure operations
  • Fraud prevention
  • Strategic insight
  • Customer flexibility
  • Multiple payment methods


ERP Integration

Wondersoft apps are integrated with Tier 1 ERP solutions so customers have a robust end-to-end supply chain management solution for back-end processes. With a configurable ERP Connector, Wondersoft can easily connect to any ERP solution, preventing data integration snags and improving the flow of data from ERP to supply chain management solution and vice versa. As a result, businesses can enjoy better productivity and cost savings.


Retail POS

Harness real-time consumer data and point of sale insights to give consumers the right information and products at the right time to deliver a personalized shopping experience with retail management software. The ability to deliver the information and products they need will open the doors to success for your business so you can optimize supply chain and other key solutions.



Retail Solutions