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If you’re looking for an SAP ERP provider in Dubai, look for a company that can provide you with all the essential attributes which are required to boost your business growth. SAP Business One is a robust software that holds the key to face this kind of challenges in your business.


Before we could state the reasons why your business should choose Pinnacle SAP Business One Partners as your SAP ERP provider in Dubai, as a representative for your business you need to ask some questions which perhaps your business might not thought of.

Is your organization experiencing miscommunication issues between different departments? Are there collaboration problems among different teams, especially sales, marketing, and production, on new product ideas? Do you need to request reports from different individuals when looking for financial data? Does everyone in the organization use different software applications for separate job tasks? Do people duplicate efforts? Does the sales team find it time-consuming to assess the available inventory? Are you finding it challenging to complete, on-time order fulfillment due to unnecessary delays?

If your answers to the above questions are in the affirmative then imagine how effective and productive the right software application will be for your team. A comprehensive SAP ERP solution in Dubai can work with the same set of information and provide you a single window for development and collaboration as well as a unified view of operations across your organization.


Our cutting-edge enterprise resource planning (ERP) Dubai solutions are designed to help clients seamlessly manage your entire business. From software setup to integration into all business processes, customized programming, data file analysis, report writing, error resolution, and training and consultation, our IT support services will help you easily overcome challenges in enterprise resource management.


  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory and Distribution
  • Ordering and Delivery
  • Purchasing and Merchandising
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Employees and Human resources
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial and Accounting
As your SAP ERP consultants in Dubai, Pinnacle works with you closely to understand your business processes, functions, and requirements before suggesting an ideal solution for your business is Dubai. We are always transparent and honest with our clients and we find it imperative to explain why each and every aspect is incorporated into our SAP ERP systems in Dubai and how your business can avail of every aspect. We offer to provide our clients in Dubai with upgrades, training, support as well as general consulting. Our highly experienced, proficient, and knowledgeable professionals leverage the finest tools, innovative systems, and experience to deliver the best solutions. The SAP ERP suite enables you seamlessly manage your accounting, distribution, and manufacturing. That, in turn, helps your business make the best use of this application and manage your business more effectively, efficiently, and economically.

When it comes to using Standard SAP Business One Dubai tools or understanding the technology behind the solution or customization with Software Development Kit, we are happy to share our expertise and be your ultimate Business One partner with ongoing programming support.


  • strategic planning
  • software design
  • software configuration, testing, deployment, maintenance, optimization, upgrades, and support
  • consultation
Our SAP Business One Dubai services are especially customized to offer you a flexible and affordable solution to automate key business functions and get easy on-demand access to mission critical data to manage business processes and operations efficiently, empower managers to make quick and better decisions, boost employee productivity, and work within your budget to stay ahead of the competition.

If you wish to upgrade from Sage, Epicor, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Navision, Oracle E-business suite or any other ERP solutions, contact us for special pricing as SAP Business One partners.

How Much Does SAP Business One Cost? It Is More Affordable Than You Think

If your business is considering SAP Business One as an ERP solution or simply investigating what is on the market, we’re sure you will be asking yourself this question. To answer accurately, there are a number of factors that need to be considered with some of them listed below.
  • How many users will be required?
  • Is there a single or multi-site set-up?
  • Is it a Single site setup or Multiple site?
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment?
  • Cloud ERP vs. On-Premise ERP
  • What modules or functional areas will you be using?
  • What are the functional Modules in SAP?
  • Single or multi-country set-up?
  • Single or multi-warehouse?
  • What level of customization is required?
  • Can SAP be Customized? What is Customizing in SAP?
  • Will users require additional SAP Business One mobile apps?
  • What is SAP user management?
  • Is SAP ERP cloud based?
  • Is cloud computing cheaper than on premise?
  • What are the technical and functional modules in SAP?
If you’d like to learn more about the cost of SAP Business One, please fill in the form at the top of the page to be contacted by Pinnacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which Core Functional Areas does SAP Business One support?

SAP Business One includes Accounting and Finance, Sales and Customer Management, Purchasing and Operations, Inventory and Distribution, Reporting and the like.

Q. What are the types of User Licenses that SAP Business One supports?

Professional User, Limited Financial User, Limited CRM User, Limited Logistics User

Q. What are the available Deployment options ?

SAP Business One is available as an On-Premise or hosted solution through Amazon Web Service [AWS] or Microsoft Azure.

Q. How long does it take to implement SAP Business One?

The relevant factors that impacts are the size of your business and related complexity, specific add-ons / customizations, type of deployment and the like..

Q. How do you manage the SAP Business One implementation?

Our implementation process includes a pre-project preparation, project planning, business blueprint process, project realization [including configuration, customization / development, reports preparation, Process Cycle Test, User Acceptance Testing [UAT] and Training] and Go Live.

Q. Can we transfer our existing Data to SAP Business One ?

Master data is typically transferred into SAP. We will streamline and coordinate this. SAP provides tools to enable the transfer. This will be discussed in detail in our engagement process. Limitations if any will be notified.

Q. What is the cost of SAP Business One?

There are quite a few elements that needs to be considered to determine the cost - number of users, the type of licenses, type of access – on-premise or hosted, number of companies / sites which impacts complexity of the implementation, relevant add-on modules and the like.