Vulnerability Assessment

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Vulnerability assessment is the key to identifying weakness or cyber security defects across IT systems. Such flaws or security risks can wreak havoc to any organization, ruin its reputation, and expose it to cyber attacks. There is an element of risk for every business, especially after the advent of digital technology that has given rise to another type of business risk in the form of cyber attacks. Many information technology systems are not designed to be secure.  However, there is one technique that can come to your rescue even before there is a security risk. Vulnerability assessment in Dubai can help you identify exposures or vulnerabilities in your network and highlight the overall security posture of the enterprise.


Vulnerability test will conduct against external and internal perimeters to discover any technical vulnerabilities. Frequent scans are a part of the VAPT testing to identify

  • unpatched operating system
  • application flaws
  • configuration errors

It is the best way to recommend the best course of action to identify and address vulnerabilities. By creating a solid vulnerability assessment Dubai policy, implementing consistent procedures, and leveraging technology properly, your organization can enjoy potential advantages from an effective VAPT service.


  • Identify critical security vulnerabilities that may lead to cyber attacks

The phase is all about planning and performing vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. It includes gathering key information and defining the scope of activities. It also involves outlining roles and responsibilities and raising awareness about potential vulnerabilities. The idea is to review appropriate policies and procedures and identify the assets. Vulnerability testing points out the risk and defines critical value for each device. It’s critically important to identify how important a device is to your organization, whose vulnerability could potentially threaten your business. It is equally important to understand the user access criteria for that device.

  • Quickly address the vulnerabilities and fix identified security flaws

Review the data from the assessment phase and establish accountability so as to resolve exposures identified in the earlier phase. However, first, an investigation is done to determine the actual need for the service that was responsible for the exposure. Upgrading the system is the next step if the service is Important to the system. Otherwise, the management is informed of any potential risk. However, if the service is not too important, it may be disabled to eliminate the risk factor.

  • Comply with industry-driven security standards and regulatory requirement

Compliance is crucial to the stability of any organization. With Pinnacle’s vulnerability assessment Dubai service, businesses can meet compliance requirements more effectively. After identification of flaws or dangers that could potentially damage or endanger applications, steps are taken to protect internal systems from threats. Concerted efforts are made to show compliance with industry-driven security regulations and ensure full protection for sensitive customer data. In doing so, the company reputation is also protected from any security breach that threatens to endanger reputation. By having a vulnerability assessment and penetration testing security system in place, security is built into the code, reducing any future headaches of making expensive fixes.

  • Improve the security posture through comprehensive vulnerability identification & remediation

With the insight you get from Pinnacle’s vulnerability testing Dubai services, you can focus on addressing relevant and critical vulnerabilities while improving the security posture. Identification of vulnerabilities is done with an aim to plan remediation.

Let Pinnacle be your partner of choice to design security elements for your multi-layer IT security architecture, identify and assess potential vulnerabilities to your internal and external systems, prioritize remediation, implement security solutions, and monitor performance of security systems over a period of time.

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