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Educational institutes are faced with tough competition for recruiting and retaining students. Additionally, they must try to constantly explore new ways to control costs, deliver excellent service, improve processes, streamline administrative & operational systems, and increase business efficiency. Further, there is a growing pressure on student numbers and rising staffing cost. At Pinnacle, we have a solution to every problem – we understand that each educational institution is unique. Our education ERP software are designed to meet needs of the educational landscape, from alumni-student-teacher relationship management to student-teacher performance, asset management, admissions, financial management, and business process management.

Real-time access to information is critical to guarantee effective response mechanism for educational facilities, while simultaneously focusing on fiscal and academic accountability. Educational institutions must maintain centralized control and individual school autonomy, besides managing faculty performance. A lot of tangible and intangible assets are involved in the education vertical that must be maintained effectively.

What Can Pinnacle Do?

ERP software for school allows schools to go paperless. Competition for students and funding of research has become more and more pronounced. Educational institutions have to deal with:

  • Resource constraints due to reduced opportunity
  • Outdated legacy systems that lack integration and are waiting for replacement
  • Inability to provide unified faculty and student experience

Educational and research facilities must identify opportunities to minimize disruption and maximize investments in order to meet student expectations. Graduate to the next level with avant-garde software and run your research institution better. Leverage our SAP education software to improve student engagement, student information systems, and financial management and thus boost your reputation.

The Pinnacle Advantage in Improving Learning Outcomes with School ERP

Our data expertise and analytics capabilities help improve learning outcomes. Additionally, you can leverage our experience and technological prowess to align graduates to successful careers. 

  • Transform your business with our innovative business solutions, turning structured, unstructured data into insight
  • Improve teaching effectiveness with our SAP education
  • Make learning personalized
  • Create an exceptional student experience
  • Accelerate research and innovation capabilities with school ERP
  • Attract and retain quality talent

With our ERP software for schools, institutions can have access to scalable computing capabilities to maximize operational efficiency throughout the organization, identify, track & minimize risk, reduce operational cost, and enhance service performance.

Harness the power of Pinnacle’s educational ERP software to:

  • Give teachers and students solutions required to be successful
  • Provide mobility solutions for anytime learning
  • Create learning content repositories
  • Provide high speed connectivity to facilitate learning on any device
  • Reduce administrative burden on staff
  • Maximize revenue generation
  • Optimize capital and asset management
  • Maximize staffing efficiency

Best-in-Class Recruitment Solutions

Most students start looking out for the best college or vocational school months in advance. With best-of-breed IT infrastructure and support services, you can capture and track these future leads. Expand student outreach with a focus on constant improvement.

Pinnacle’s teachers software isn’t just about recruitment, but also helps in

  • Alumni Management
  • Public relations
  • Administration
  • Fundraising
  • Staff Management
  • Communications
  • Student Records

Innovation is at the core of our IT services, and we focus on aligning student and e learning solutions for the future of education and students.


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