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Email security solutions for your business

The tool provides you with a 7-day summary of the domain, as well as a history of significant threats. Key features include:
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the email channel
  • Prevent attack from malicious email sources
  • Constant monitoring of the accounts
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KDMARC Email security

KDMARC is a SaaS-based analytical tool for email authentication and anti-spoofing that helps secure outbound email flow and ensure more robust email security. With KDMARC Dubai solutions, domain owners can quickly blacklist or whitelist IP addresses that have a security issue and prevent domain forgery. The tool comes in handy for organizations to take immediate security actions and defend domain.

KDMARC Email Security Services

As an analytical tool, KDMARC analyses email authentication reports through constant monitoring, helping organizations improve outbound mail flow. The tool is highly efficient at domain threat lookup and preventing advanced email based attacks and security vulnerabilities.

How does KDMARC Work?
• Checks DMARC record
• Generates record
• Updates the record on the company DNS, making it easier for owners to see the report on their dashboard.

KDMARC is touted to be one of the best email security solutions for customers and employees to gain trust in their mailbox. The tool gives you a summary of the domain from past 7 days along with a history record of potent threats. With KDMARC, it is easier for an organization to gain insight into potential forgery threats.

Some of its top features include:

  • Increase email deliverability
  • Gain deeper insight into email channel
  • Boost email engagement
  • Prevent malware attacks, email tempering
  • Protect consumers and prevent brand abuse
  • Identify legitimate emails with a lesser bounce rate
  • Prevent unauthorized use of email domain

Increasing Online Scams

The scam market is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing economies, with the number of online attacks skyrocketing. In this age of technically advanced cyberattacks, traditional email security controls are not capable of protecting and preventing email attacks that can easily compromise security vulnerabilities and do a lot of damage to your brand reputation and resources. It is therefore crucial for organizations to be vigilant and brace up their online security.

Cyber criminals use business email compromise attacks to launch malicious campaigns by impersonating an employee, colleague, senior, or supplier to trick the email receiver. Securing your email domain stops malicious actors from forging your email domain. Cyber criminals impersonate brands to manipulate employees, customers, and partners effortlessly.

KDMARC is one of the best email security solutions to check if any malicious email sources are targeting your domain and/or sending spoofed emails using your business domain. With a KDMARC Dubai partner, you can identify genuine email sources and keep an eye on any threats, thus protecting your email domain.

Set up authentication policies with KDMARC to block suspicious emails, thus ensuring that only legitimate emails end up in the recipient’s inbox. This further boosts your email engagement rate. With KDMARC, it is possible for clients to view all of the sources, volumes, and trends of outbound mails. This includes phishing campaigns.

Pinnacle – The KDMARC UAE Partner

Pinnacle prides itself on providing customers with the best email security services that prevent scammers from misusing your domain for sending emails. Pinnacle can install, implement, and maintain KDMARC Dubai solution on client’s domains and provide ongoing support.

KDMARC is a trusted standard for organizations to protect their brands from cyberattacks and thus reinforcing trust for employees and customers to gain confidence in their mailbox.

Pinnacle is a leading provider of end-to-end cyber security solutions that offer impenetrable security to clients in UAE. As a KDMARC partner in UAE, Pinnacle can provide you with the ongoing email security services.