Implementing New ERP System

Why Now Is The Best Time For ERP Implementation ?

Implementing New ERP System

Before we go ahead and talk about why this is the right time for ERP implementation, let us check out why companies defer or delay implementing ERP and all the risks faced by a company dragging their feet in ERP implementation .

Why companies don’t go for ERP implementations?

  • ERP implementation is a distraction from a company’s daily patterned workflow. It involves hard choices, based on the particular customer scenario. Someone has to take the lead and make it happen. It needs initiative and taking responsibility. Top management needs to get involved and be engaged.
  • The ROI is not clear. The core benefits of ERP implementation services Dubai are not well understood. A clear answer is required for the question “Why bother?”.
  • Cost considerations
  • Current Team is comfortable with existing solution and Top management is getting their required reports.

Is now a right time for an ERP implementation?

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity

So, let’s use this time of crisis as an opportunity to improve your supply chain, business workflow and the like. It is a good time to get your team engaged and motivated to take on a project of this nature. In the end, we will get the clarity of what is to be done for the organization. Earlier we didn’t have the time and space to take this on.

When the economy is back on fire, organizations need to be ready for take off. Currently the systems and processes do not provide us visibility and actionable insights – this is what a well-configured ERP implementation can provide. When the economy train starts moving again, we can be well positioned to pivot to higher business and profits.

Smaller systems do not have the flexibility to be configured to enable new processes and new ways and modalities of business. The current and future scenarios require the system to be configurable on-demand to new process flows and the like. Flexibility to integrate e-Commerce, payment gateways, third-party applications have become important.


  • The business climate is dynamic. If we are standing still, we are in effect walking backwards. We need to keep up with the times – competitive advantage is lost. By default, there are profit, cash and other leakages happening in business. This needs to be kept in check. Any neglected process or problems which are left unsolved will continue to deteriorate the workflow of the organization. These neglected processes will be compounded when the economy starts booming and will eventually be a disaster.
  • Denial of re-evaluation on the current process means damage to the profits which the organization would be gaining through more developed systems.
  • Stuck inventory, increasing Receivables, delays in any process, lack of real-time information are some of the concerns with outdated systems.

Supply chain disruptions are common – pre-emptive actions and decisions can be taken once an ERP is in place.

Business owners have learned to look beyond just price considerations or cost reduction to look at cost optimization. Business Owners and decision-makers need visibility to data across multiple locations, WFH employees, leads and deals, cash flow information, and the like, Workflow, and approvals across employees. Cost optimization is a balancing act between minimizing costs and risk while maximizing business value. A good ERP implementation Systems always provides a competitive advantage. Actional insights can be culled from the available data.

As seen above, implementing an ERP would mean nothing but a benefit to the organization. An immediate upgrade with inventory management and automated reporting from the inefficiently outdated systems. Your organization needs an ERP before the economy starts booming because that’s when a well-planned and efficient workflow would help us achieve the exponentially success-oriented graph.

Organizations are in turmoil as remote working has become the norm; – Many organizations do not have a solid core ERP system which is easily adaptable to remote working. Cloud solutions options and subscription models are more readily available. Since we need a well-planned workflow before the boom times, it’ll be smart to implement an ERP during a recession-driven crisis. Don’t you think that we’re already in one?

Covid-19 has accelerated the Digital Transformation for companies. Those who move fast have a competitive advantage. An ERP system is the central element in this process.

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