SAP Business One Solution for SMEs

Why Do We Use SAP Business One As The best solution For SMEs In Dubai

  • Small and Medium Size Enterprises contribute 47% of Dubai’s GDP according to study published by government agency Dubai SME & Dubai Statistics Center.
  • It’s designed specifically for SMEs – SAP Business One is not the shortened version of SAP ERP limited by scope. It’s designed from the ground level to meet the particular business needs of SMEs.

  • A product by SAP who is a worldwide leader in Business Applications. SAP undoubtedly dominates enterprise business applications worldwide. There are millions of ERP users registered with SAP that helps millions of businesses run effectively. Hence there’s no compromise on the service & quality of SAP Business One has to offer.
  • Gives you better ROI – Once installed, you can expect a faster return on investment. It has delivered quantified business benefits to thousands of organizations across the globe.
  • Easy to use and learn – Apart from central benefits of SAP Business One to SMEs such as low cost, specific design & the quantity, is its ease to use & learn. This is especially helpful for companies that do not will incur exorbitant costs on the training program.
  • Assurance for future development – Since it is a product of world business application SAP, there’s research and development that’ll help the software be more stable and robust for businesses worldwide.
  • Grows with the business – Every SMEs would like to improvise its business model. As the business requirements become more and more complex and more employees start to join in, you’ll discover that SAP Business One helps your Business meet these challenges as the business starts to evolve. Since it is a product of a world business application provider SAP there’s scope for software development that’ll help the software adhere to changing business requirements.

posted by Pinnacle Marketing Dept