RPA Vs Intelligent Automation Vs Hyperautomation

RPA Vs Intelligent Automation Vs Hyperautomation

RPA Vs Intelligent Automation Vs Hyperautomation

Businesses are faced with the challenge of running lean, streamlined operations. Today, the need of the hour is agility and efficiency. Automation makes it possible for a business to achieve that. With a large portfolio of operating procedures, a business can better adopt RPA, intelligent automation, and hyperautomation to streamline processes and improve the quality of automation results, besides improving the quality of engagement.


Robotic process automation harnesses the power of pre-programmed scripts. It is the first step toward business process automation. With this automation tool, it is easier to perform repetitive manipulations. RPA makes processing of structured data hassle free, which involves data extraction from forms and input validation. RPA solutions are meant to save a business and its employees time and effort.

What is Intelligent Automation

In simple words, it involves the use of automation technologies, such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning, to streamline and scale tasks along with decision-making at the organizational level. IA solutions harness the power of baseline automation via robotic process automation. They come with extra intelligence, thanks to the power of machine and deep learning, which makes these solutions more efficient to handle more complex cognitive tasks.

  • With intelligent automation, it becomes easier to improve operational efficiency and simplify processes
  • It is an efficient way to boost employee productivity and reduce their burden so they can focus on what matters most
  • With IA, a business has the best tool for real-time handling of complex tasks and drastically streamlining workflow
  • It allows a business to unlock new possibilities and achieve sustained growth with streamlined processes
  • There is significant cost reduction when productivity and data accuracy improves
  • IA is a powerful tool for a business to ensure fast response time and improve customer experience with a focus on quality
  • Intelligent automation makes it easier for an organization to address compliance and regulations

What is Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is the process of automation with a focus on streamlining processes across an organization. It takes the concept of intelligent process automation further to extend it to include high-quality automation processes that eliminate the need for human intervention. It opens up an array of possibilities to make adjustments based on feedback received from automated processes and the performance in AI algorithms.

It is often dubbed as the pinnacle of IA, with RPA technology at the base. Numerous AI capabilities make hyperautomation more powerful. This includes natural language processing, intelligent document processing, and OCR, among other intelligent tools for managing business processes.

Hyperautomation is capable for deployment in end-to-end business processes that may be fully or semi autonomous. Business leaders might be tempted to choose the most advanced technology, that is, hyperautomation. However, it requires digital infrastructure maturity of the highest level to deliver highest ROI. A startup with a tight budget can opt for RPA for cost reduction as a cost-effective alternative to other expensive IT modernization tools. All in all, each of these tools offer benefits for different business processes.

The road to adoption is not the same for all businesses. It depends on your existing business processes. All in all, irrespective of your choice, it aims to improve speed, efficiency, and accuracy.