What is Hyperautomation?

As its name suggests, hyperautomation is the process of automating everything that can be automated and taking business operations to the next level. An organization can adopt hyperautomation to simplify processes using the latest technological innovations, including artificial intelligence and robotic process automation that are automation driven and run without human intervention. When AI combines with RPA, any repetitive tasks can be automated, reducing human involvement. Hyperautomation takes automation to the next level, dynamically discovering complex organizational processes and creating bots for automation.

In other words, it is an infrastructure of upgraded technology designed to scale automation capabilities. The automation technology leverages the capabilities of machine learning, artificial intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, and process mining.

Organizations harness the capabilities of hyperautomation to identify, vet and automate processes and identify time-consuming business processes. The next step is to automate them.

Hyperautomation Benefits

With hyperautomation, an organization can unlock its maximum potential as well as automation processes. An organization can benefit with hyperautomation in more ways than one in the form of faster and more efficient work with software robots.

  • Hyperautomation is the tool to unlock more opportunities for faster identification and automation of business processes with evolving artificial intelligence technologies
  • With hyperautomation, a business is equipped with the right technology to empower everyone and contribute to the transformation.
  • Humans and robots can automate together in different basic, complex, and end-to-end processes
  • Hyperautomation makes it easier for an organization to manage the complete automation cycle at big scale, from discovering automation opportunities to measuring the ROI
  • The automation tool comes complete with artificial intelligence capabilities, which includes intelligent OCR, machine learning, natural language processing, and AI
  • Hyperautomation enables you to assess how your teams work and determine what you should automate
  • Hyperautomation automates complex work and uses a high-speed route for better engagement in transforming the business

Difference Between Automation and Hyperautomation?

Automation is the process of efficiently completing a repetitive task without manual intervention. Hyperautomation, on the other hand, involves the use of multiple automation tools that enable intelligent automation, including machine learning and robotic process automation to scale automation initiatives.

Combining RPA with AI and machine learning makes the task of automation more efficient. The Power of Artificial Intelligence differentiates hyperautomation from standard automation. In fact, it helps automate processes that could not be automated before. This includes undocumented processes that rely on unstructured data. A digital workforce is created that efficiently takes on repetitive tasks. This workforce drives the change and connects to business applications, makes decisions, analyzes data and discovers processes. The digital workforce also identifies potential automation opportunities.

The discovery and automation of data that was otherwise inaccessible contributes to the formation of DTO, or digital twin of the organization. As a result, the previously hidden interactions among different functions, processes, and key performance indicators are disclosed.

Therefore, hyperautomation can make a huge impact in various sectors, including finance, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and manufacturing, and public sector.

Get Started With Hyperautomation Today

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