Robotic Technology in Marketing Business

RPA Use Cases in Sales and Marketing Areas

Robotic Technology in Marketing Business

Sales and marketing organizations are the latest to join in the race of software robots. True, RPA was always regarded as the domain of human resources, healthcare, and back-office operations. But RPA tools are fast becoming popular in the front office as well. Your trusted automation anywhere partner can be your best guide to entering the world of automation and making the most of robotic technology in your marketing business.

RPA Use Cases in Marketing

Data Storage

Robotic process automation Dubai tools can come in handy to store customer information in an organized way. When different categories of data is automatically classified, it can save significant amount of time and reduce the risk of manual data entry error.

Data Extraction

Sales and marketing teams can make the most of document processing automation to extract data from different sources. RPA in marketing tools are programmed to use OCR technology to read information from different sources. The information is then automatically and accurately entered it into the CRM system without the risk of inaccuracies.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Sales and marketing department has to deal with data influx all the time. So it would help to rely on an automation anywhere partner to set up business defined rules. A robot can easily identify competitors and new entrants in the market. It can be designed to track the competitor’s events and campaigns.

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is relevant and will continue to drive sales. RPA tools can be used to collect all of the data to improve the accuracy of sales and marketing efforts.

Price Monitoring

Organizations can leverage robotic process automation Dubai to remain competitive in the market. While RPA enables consumers to compare different prices in the market with a mission to get the best deal, organizations can work for sales teams to monitor the competitors’ prices and offer better rates to consumers.

Opportunity Tracking

The sales team finds it challenging and time-consuming to monitor bid sites for new opportunities. It is here that they can leverage RPA in marketing to automate the task of monitoring and capture them when they are available. The software can be programmed to send direct notifications to the sales team. Sending timely notifications to the right person can help the team focus on important strategic tasks.

Invoice Processing

Sales teams are responsible for entering data into the CRM, which is quite a time-consuming task as it involves entering accurate details into a different system for use by finance professionals. Sadly, there is a risk of loss of information due to manual errors. It is here that sales teams can harness the power of automation to automate sales order tasks, process invoices from different formats into a single database system. RPA is programmed to do more than input the data. Automation software can check for distinct errors and help with decision-making.

Social Media Monitoring

There is a lot of information on social media for sales teams to monitor. Social is where trends are. Social media managers are responsible for monitoring ongoing trends and find what’s hot in the market. They are also in charge of engaging with consumers and listening to targeted conversations. Then they leverage all of this data to create content that sparks the consumer interest. Sadly, it is tough for humans to monitor everything at once. Come RPA, and sales teams can easily automate the tedious task to act in the real time.

With a professional RPA partners in Dubai, you can take your business to another level by automating tasks that are manually taxing and time-consuming. Let your sales and marketing teams heave a sigh of relief when RPAs share their burden, allowing them to focus on core tasks.