Pinnacle Supports Prisoner’s Children at Aswasa Bhavan

img01Aswasa Bhavan means a home of comfort. It is a registered institution with State (Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and Central Government of India. This a home for the Rehabilitation of prisoners children – one is located at Theny in Tamil Nadu and one at Pampady, Kerala. When a father or mother is in jail, their children suffer not because of their fault. There is no one look after or to give them shelter – they miss their education and care. They may be misled and engage in crimes. Here arises the importance of Aswasa Bhavan. Started in 1987, Aswasa Bhavan provides them maximum care and education. At present, there are more than 50 children, both male and female who experience the magic of love and care. All these children get the richest opportunities for their education, career and social life. Aswasa Bhavan does not consider any caste or creed. Organizers of the institution Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mathew treat all the children as their own. These children live along with their own children Moses and Miriam.


Aswas Vidhyasthan Public School is a new venture of Aswasa Bhavan for the empowerment and education of underprivileged children. The education is totally free, with 250 students enjoying the high value of education up to 4th grade. This is in Pampady, near Kottayam in Kerala.