Intelligent Automation Vs RPA

Intelligent Automation Vs RPA

Intelligent Automation Vs RPA

Robotic process automation and intelligent process automation are designed to relieve the burden on employees to allow them to focus on core business while automation takes charge of tedious and repetitive tasks. Staff are free to focus on creativity and innovation. So does that mean both IA and RPA are the same? Well, let’s explore differences between both so you can make the most of technology and get in touch with the leading Dubai chat bot providers.


Robotic process automation Dubai (RPA) uses bots to interact with applications. Intelligent Automation is a digital solution that combines RPA, artificial intelligence, intelligent document processing, and natural language processing to automate repetitive tasks.

IA gets an edge over RPA for:

Intelligent decision making

Intelligent automation leverages AI to stimulate human intelligence to complete high-functioning tasks that involve analysis, judgment, and reasoning. With IA, customer service staff can focus on having conversations and making connections with customers.

Rule-based or not

RPA follows a set of specific rules for the automation of tasks that have no variation. It works best for repetitive tasks. ROI problems emerge when there is a sudden variation or change in a business process. The reality is that software bots continue to work the same way as they are rules driven. As a result, there may be problems with unstructured data. It is here that AI-driven intelligent automation gets an edge. The best thing is IA features all the capabilities of RPA, besides additional capabilities to process data in real-time.

Extra features

Some of the top features that set IA apart from RPA include:

  • Self-managing bots handle exceptions and reduce the need to manage robots
  • Unstructured data processing and automation of tasks that require analysis and judgment
  • Detect changes and adapt
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics

IA is the future of automation that an organization can leverage to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Streamlines tasks

Intelligence automation can fit in easily where RPA cannot work accurately. For example, work that requires analysis and thinking. This may involve the use of optical character recognition to read documents and extract data into a form for the ease of use by a computer. Additionally, it requires intelligent document processing to understand the type of document for processing. Intelligent automation has additional capabilities that go beyond invoice processing. This includes reading emails to get insight into common questions being asked for better customer interaction and engagement. AI and robotic process automation UAE make a potent combination that facilitates information extraction from various corporate systems and data evaluation using powerful algorithms.

IA streamlines different processes for timely completion without error, which is associated with paperwork and manual intervention.

IA is More Than RPA

IA platforms may leverage RPA tools to function efficiently and save time. While RPA is designed to flawlessly perform rule-based, repetitive tasks, IA is capable of handling complex processes using AI and decision-making techniques.

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