RPA Dubai Benefits

5 Questions To Consider Before You Go for RPA

RPA Dubai Benefits
Robotic Process Automation is driving the world of technology. RPA Dubai benefits are aplenty for businesses, from process adherence to improved throughput rates. With so many benefits to avail, it does not make sense why any company would ignore robotic process automation in Dubai. If you plan to adopt automation, you may look for answers to some questions.

1. What is RPA?

RPA is another name for automation of repetitive tasks that are typically done manually. Basically RPA tools are designed to automate tasks that need human intervention. So does that mean automation will steal human jobs? Well, it is to be claimed that RPA will only improve efficiency of work, save money and time, and result in cost-effective work. Automating manual tasks can improve productivity and save additional expenses. Key RPA applications include:

  • Comply with if-then rules
  • Extraction of structured data from documents
  • Copy and paste
  • Make complex calculations
  • Scrape data from documents
  • Access mail and attachments
  • Connect to APIs
  • Log into enterprise apps
  • Enable access to web applications
  • Fill in forms
  • Migrate files

2. Is RPA rule based?

Yes, document processing automation involves breaking down the processes into a series of statements, with clear instructions making automation easier based on the available data. The main tasks of RPA tools include:

  • Making calculations
  • Answering queries
  • Record maintenance
  • Performing transactions

and the like..

3. Can RPA handle unstructured data?

For RPA, ideally the information must be in a structured format that is easy to read by the digital machine. That means data should be in a consistent location in a database field. It could be a particular column in a spreadsheet. The biggest challenge for robotic process automation lies with managing the transition between structured and unstructured data. Right templates must first be created to facilitate the transition. A template is created for the robot to understand the transition. We teach the bot to recognise unstructured data through various templates using intelligent document processing and OCR features. With lot of unstructured data, creating the right templates is a challenging task. Luckily, professional, reliable and dependable bot developers can confidently accomplish these tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

4. For RPA, can I start small and scale up?

Well, some businesses prefer to transition to RPA and make it an enterprise-wide automation tool. But there are some that prefer to be cautious in their implementation of RPA. They want to be slow and steady in the process and not take any unwanted risks that bring unexpected consequences for the business and adversely affects their ROI.

5. What types of input and source data is required for RPA?

Readable input types are required for the success of RPA. This includes user interface activities, OCR, text-based data, and green screen. With readable inputs, the processes can easily operate within any application or web environment. Enquire from your RPA partners in Dubai if the process has readable inputs.
The purpose of robotic process automation is to assist a business to remain competitive in this technologically advanced environment. With plenty of RPA benefits for businesses, it is becoming a must-have tool for organizational growth. When we say robots are here to stay, look for a professional, reliable and dependable Automation Anywhere partner in UAE. Pinnacle promises to be your first choice as your intelligent automation provider.