Now that 2022 is bidding us good-bye, it is the right time to plan for next year’s budget and goals. With your eyes set on 2023, planning should help, especially with the many sectors bearing the brunt of inflation, recession, and interest rate hikes. The need of the hour is to be extra cautious about where to spend money in the next calendar year. Of course, when you want to get the best value from investment, it would help to allocate funds to the right technology. Where To Spend Your IT Budget in 2023 Cloud Cloud-based technologies will continue to grab a major share ofRead More →

Switch from legacy systems to low-code platforms

An increasing number of businesses are making the switch from legacy systems to low-code platforms to overcome the challenges posed by the former. Outdated legacy systems are cumbersome and no longer suitable for present day technical era. As a result, they are hampering innovation and progress, hindering growth, and posing security challenges. Many businesses are leaving legacy systems for tough maintenance, upgrade and support challenges, and difficult integration. In some cases, it is reported that the legacy systems are not flexible or scalable. As a result, they cannot support the present demands of the business. The platform is unstable platform, with too many security challengesRead More →