Security is on the top of your agenda when you own an enterprise. CCTV cameras are designed to make your establishment more secure. When it comes to CCTV installation in Dubai, you can depend on Pinnacle. We have successfully installed CCTV systems for clients looking to secure their personal or business premises. 

 We understand the importance of security for your business and home, and thus leverage our passion for technology to provide you with the best security solutions that make your premises secure.


• Identify visitors
• Track employee activity
• Increase security the premises
• Catch shoplifters and reduce losses
• Monitor cash registers and deter potential thieves
• Record evidence and prevent fake claims
• Monitor hazardous areas.


Our security experts work closely with clients to custom design, install, and monitor CCTV cameras to protect your business. As a trustworthy and reliable CCTV camera installation Dubai company, we boast a team of skilled, professionally trained technicians who have the experience of mounting security cameras on any type of installations. Our knowledge and expertise in handling security systems offers a guarantee of excellence in whatever we do



As a reputable CCTV installer, Pinnacle prides itself on providing high quality yet cost-effective CCTV installations to suit clients with different budgets. Our core competency lies in providing end-to-end security solutions to meet your requirements. Whether you’re looking for reliable CCTV suppliers in Dubai for a large business or small home, we will design, supply, install, and maintain a CCTV system for you.

We provide top-quality CCTV Installations to improve your property security, protect your assets, and monitor your establishment even on the go!  We install smart CCTV systems that are mobile ready, so you can monitor activity in your premises on your iPhone, smartphone, or Android device.

CCTV cameras are connected through the Internet and can give you a clear real-time view of your property even when you are away, allowing you to keep a close eye on things without being physically present at the location. With superb video quality, surveillance cameras Dubai are a perfect tool to monitor the minutest of details.

As CCTV installation Dubai specialists, we provide highly reliable cameras that deliver enterprise-class performance and feature:

• Expansion storage

• Raid storage
• Face recognition
• Face detection
• Redundant power supply options
• Remote upgrade and configuration
• Interactive search
• Tracking module
• Cash payment management


We provide cost-effective turnkey solutions that boost security in your property, making it more secure. Our team of well-equipped, trained, and experienced specialists is available to provide constant support and assistance for clients.

We specialize in HD high-definition CCTV and IP cameras in Dubai that are equipped to capture and transmit more pixels for clearer views, with a higher resolution. Our IP cameras are designed to provide unblemished, crystal clear images with a wider coverage compared to standard resolution cameras.

Connect with us to design and install bespoke surveillance cameras in Dubai and protect your assets and profits. We also provide property management software in Dubai.