Importance of Investment in R&D

George K Thomas, CEO of Pinnacle Smart Technologies, highlighted the importance of Investment in R&D in the UAE as it will dictate the growth of a traditional economy to a digital economy. According to him, R&D will help UAE to maintain technology and economic leadership in the global arena. He added that we need to refocus R&D investments to areas which are relevant to the economic development of the UAE. Also, UAE should attract talents from the other regions, and create collaborative platforms, mandating and incentivizing relevant entities. Mr. George clarified that the next 50 project should be aligned with the projected political, economic and technological landscape of our region in the next 50 years. It should have strong roots in the cultural and ethical posture envisaged by our visionary leaders.

He also said that since its inception 27 years ago, Pinnacle Smart Technologies was fortunate to have a team of young talents always to advance the company to the current status. We will continue to invest in young talents who we believe are the major drivers of knowledge economy.

He concluded that It is important that the growth and future orientation is built on the foundation of a happy and cohesive society – this is where UAE has a unique advantage. Believing in and creating a win-win for all segments of society and being curious, exploring the right questions to ask are truly the game-changers.

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