Social Engineering

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Social engineering is a security threat. In simple words, it is the art of manipulating, tricking, or deceiving you to disclose confidential information so as to gain control over your computer. Criminals might try to establish direct contact over phone or email to gain illegal access to your system and breach your sensitive information. Despite following stringent IT security standards to secure your cloud deployments, data center, and infrastructure, you could become a victim of social engineering. At Pinnacle, you can expect the best social engineering prevention in Dubai.

Social Engineering Risk & Prevention Tips

Social engineering is one of the cleverest ways for a hacker to “get inside” your organization. They may trust an employee’s password to gain access to your company and sensitive data. Psychological manipulation is one of the most common tactics employed by fraudsters to trick people into divulging confidential details. Hackers may create emails and web pages similar to those of your company to trick individuals into clicking malicious links or attachments or even sharing personal details. This can undoubtedly transform into significant financial losses, loss of customer trust and loyalty, and reputation loss.

Awareness is the best defensive measure as far as social engineering security is concerned, given the intensity at which such tricks are evolving. It is critically important to raise awareness among employees from top to bottom about cyber security threats.

  • Training must be kept fresh and updated. Make sure there is a comprehensive security awareness training program to address all forms of cyber attacks. User education is critically important to preventing social engineering UAE fraud.
  • Review existing security policies and procedures to test vulnerabilities.
  • Consider separation of duties for key financial and other transactions to outside entities.
  • Timely analysis and assessment of vulnerabilities and risks, considering the increased cyber security threats.

Given the dangers posed by social engineering to your business, it is important to know how susceptible your organization is to such malicious threats. Pinnacle’s social engineering Dubai prevention services are designed to thoroughly test your system and employees to detect vulnerability and ensure you are prepared to respond to such targeted phishing attacks.

The idea is to mirror the tactics and techniques employed by genuine hackers and simulate the same to test your defenses, challenge your preparedness, identify potential loopholes, highlight human behavior weaknesses, and improve awareness among employees.

The Pinnacle Advantage in Social Engineering UAE Security

Let Pinnacle’s social engineering Dubai prevention experts guide you through the challenges posed by cyber attacks.  Our social engineering approach mirrors the techniques, tactics, and procedures employed by criminals. A team of experts is responsible for reviewing client’s phish reporting systems. We focus on detecting potential areas of vulnerability and run a regular tabletop exercise with management to raise awareness about latest updates in social engineering threats.

All in all, the purpose is to determine how effective your social engineering controls are, raise awareness among employees regarding security vigilance, maximize protection controls and regular assessments and tests, and improve the overall security of your organization. With our affordable social engineering UAE services, you can bulletproof your staff security and improve cyber security by combining social engineering awareness with regular penetration tests, 24/7 security monitoring, and periodic social engineering.

Let Pinnacle deliver a cost-effective comprehensive cyber security package for you.

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