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Every day your organization is flooded with volumes of data from your integrated systems. This includes data from suppliers, customers, employees, and inventory, among others. It is quite challenging to turn the data into timely reports. So how do you ensure that you make the most of this data in order to make the right business decisions? It is here that SAP Hana appliance can come in handy, so you can sort piles of data into instant reporting. 

SAP HANA combines the functioning of hardware and software to process massive amounts of data in real time using In-Memory computing. With the right type of SAP Hana hardware infrastructure, you can harness the potential of the platform to improve efficiency.


It is a flexible, pre-configured, multipurpose, and pre-installed appliance built on Intel(r), Xeon(r) processor 7500 series that is a unique combination of SAP software components with SAP Hana hardware Dubai. Some of the integrated SAP software components include data modeling, real-time replication service, and SAP HANA engine.

With SAP HANA, operations analysis becomes easier thanks to the easy real-time access to a huge volume of detailed information. The solution makes it easy for users to design flexible analytic models, without affecting back-end enterprise databases.

When it comes to determining SAP HANA hardware requirements, sizing is a standard term. This includes I/O capacity, CPU power, and physical memory. The correct calculation of memory or the CPU power helps ensure that you get your hands on the right product. SAP HANA sizing includes CPU sizing, disk sizing, and memory sizing for static data. This also includes memory sizing of objects created during runtime.

SAP HANA enables better forecasting, quick decision making, fast analysis, better operations planning, and accelerated business intelligence scenario.

When you invest in SAP HANA appliance Dubai, you get access to a solution with capabilities crucial to compete in the digital economy. Some of the capabilities include advanced analytics, real-time processing, and seamless access to insights analyzed from big data.

It is critically important to have the right size of SAP Hana hardware Dubai for the seamless running of the app on the database and optimize its capabilities in on-premise deployments.

With the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform, you have the right foundation for successfully operating in the digital economy. Its availability on premise and in the cloud makes SAP HANA the best tool to process real-time data, deploy and develop applications, and analyze data in a single platform, thus simplifying your IT landscape.


With the right SAP Business One HANA hardware, your organization has the right functionality and tools needed to compete in the digital economy.

  • Ultra quick reporting irrespective of the amount of data in the SAP Business One server system
  • What-if analysis on massive amounts of data in real-time
  • Instant cash flow analysis on data
  • Advising customers about the availability of inventory items for shipment.
  • Quick search for any type of data in the SAP Business One server platform using SAP HANA

Imagine a scenario in which you can efficiently and instantly dice huge amounts of data into logical reports and meaningful dashboards. Understand the SAP Business One HANA hardware requirements of your organization to power your business with this game-changing technology.