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With the rising risk to IT infrastructure from cyber attacks, email security has become a major concern. Luckily, Proofpoint email security solution promises to block spam, viruses, phishing, and other forms of cyber attacks. The email protection system is easy to customize, enabling you to block specific email messages.


With Proofpoint, you can ensure protection for your people in social networks, in the cloud, on the web, and in the email. At Pinnacle, we pride ourselves on providing you with the best email security solution.

Threat Protection

Proofpoint is your number one email security solution, designed to defend your email from malware, phishing, and impersonation. The email protection system orchestrates response to detected attacks. Additionally, it gets actionable intelligence to identify the Very Attacked People.

Information Protection- Secure Email Exchange

Traditional encrypted email does not offer complete protection for email.

  • Proofpoint email encryption automatically encrypts all incoming emails and users are rest assured that all the email exchange is secure. Encryption makes email communication secure, leaving you in control.
  • It also gives you visibility where your sensitive data is exposed in the cloud.
  • With Proofpoint encryption locks down access to files in the cloud, securing the exchange of sensitive information, preventing the loss of data, and archiving email communications for compliance.

User Protection

While traditional emails could be challenging, Proofpoint cuts down the need for manual interference for email encryption. It gives you the tool to educate users in security awareness and advanced threat simulations. Proofpoint also gives you the email security tool to protect user information across personal webmail and web browsing.

Protecton starts with your people. With Proofpoint encryption, you have the most effective security and compliance solution to brace yourself for cyber attacks anywhere on the web, including email and social media.

The convenient graphical interface helps

  • Manage and enforce all email encryption policies at the centralized gateway
  • Define email encryption policies, highlighting intellectual property.

Proofpoint email encryption eliminates the administrative overhead of key management. The keys are securely stored and managed and are accessible through cloud-based infrastructure. Since the user control is in the hands of administrators, they may enable end users to manage access to encrypted emails.

Digital Protection

With Proofpoint email security, it is easier than ever to secure all digital channels, including those not owned by you. It is also seamless to prevent imposter attacks that use email domains, social media accounts, and web domains similar to the ones categorized as trusted by the business.

Proofpoint automatically sends you an email as soon as a suspicious or spam email is dropped in your inbox. Users have the option to filter and unblock such messages and/or senders that are trustworthy and not spam but have been accidently blocked by Proofpoint based on suspicion.

Additionally, Proofpoint sends a warning message immediately when you try to access a URL that it deems unsafe to access.

Users can modify Proofpoint settings to

  • Release a specific email from the quarantine of Proofpoint email security
  • Move a sender’s name to the safe email sender list
  • Unmark an email as spam
  • Drop an email to your account with all the safe senders that were blocked by Proofpoint for your account

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