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A cyber attack is the worst experience for any business. Unfortunately, cyber security threats have become sophisticated and grown exponentially. Preventing a cyber attack is seriously challenging. However, with Mimecast, you can make your organization resilient to cyber attacks. The full-service cyber security and resilience platform safeguards your web presence, providing you with robust email security. At Pinnacle, we can help you minimize the risk of a cyber attack with this integrated cloud platform – Mimecast.

Comprehensive Cyber Security Solution

In the wake of increased cyber attacks, it is but crucial for organizations to brace up their self-defense against rising cyber threats. Cyber resilience is what every organization should focus on. It is here that a complete cyber security solution can help prevent breaches and make an organization resilient to attacks. Cyber resilience is meant to ensure business continuity, so data remains available and safe all the time.

Feature Rich

Since an email is the most popular forms of cyber attacks, Mimecast email security ensures full cyber resilience. With Mimecast, users get access to fully integrated subscription services that include top email security solutions. The fully integrated solution also ensures multipurpose archiving and business continuity. Mimecast solution empowers end users through cyber awareness.

  • With Mimecast, an admin can manage multiple cyber resilience technologies from a single dashboard. This includes data backup, compliance, recovery, and e-discovery.
  • Mimecast webmail security solution ensures that users always have unhindered access to files, email, and attachments without the risk of disasters, cyber attacks, and outages.
  • It minimizes the impact of risk and ensures fast recovery of data after an attack.
  • The fully integrated suite of cyber security tools gives users all the tools to defend an email against a cyber attack. The highly efficient solution ensures the availability of email data immediately after an attack, technical failure, downtime, or outage.
  • Mimecast email security solution provides real-time protection and threat detection. It safeguards your business against advanced threats, from viruses to spear fishing, impersonation fraud, malware, data leaks, and ransomware.

End-User Awareness and Training

Until end users are empowered, no security solution is effective enough because human error might prove expensive for a business. End-user training is available for employees to equip them with the knowledge and training to prevent a cyber attack. Mimecast training is based on raising awareness of cyber threats so end users remain vigilant all the time to signs of sophisticated attacks. With Mimecast, end-user empowerment services are meant to build a powerful frontline defense against cyber attacks.

Additionally, Mimecast’s security awareness training platform is designed to tackle human error, empower employees with security and threat knowledge, change their security behavior, and lowering cyber security risk.

Targeted Threat Protection

The comprehensive Mimecast webmail security solution safeguards you from malware and all forms of advanced email-borne threats. With Mimecast’s threat intelligence dashboard, users are empowered with the best tools and knowledge to stay ahead of cyber security threats. The dashboard aggregates Indicators of Compromise into a single view, giving users more visibility into potential security loopholes.