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Do you often struggle to manage your accounts? Do you find problems staying on top of your cash flow? Well, your organization needs a cash flow management software tool to monitor, analyze, and manage the flow of finance, revenue, and expenses. Such a tool is apt for cash flow analysis and helps make accurate forecast that can help you understand your business better and make better decisions? Pinnacle takes pride on its cash flow software – Cashpundit – that is designed to help organizations understand liquidity needs without wasting time and effort on manual reporting tasks. This is critical to making future cash flow decisions to ensure there are no liquidity problems.


Cash flow is the lifeline of a business. If a business suddenly runs out of cash, it might go bust soon. Manual cash flow management is one of the major reasons why CFOs struggle to manage cash flow. It is here that a cash flow management software tool, such as Cashpundit, can come to your rescue. A cash flow solution is critical to the successful running of a business as it identifies any potential shortfalls in cash balances. This means your business decision makers can take necessary action in advance to avoid future cash flow problems. The product is designed to help CFOs determine where they stand as far as cash flow is concerned.

Pinnacle has partnered with Cashpundit to enable clients effortlessly manage cash flow with the leading cash flow management software. The tool is designed to sync with accounting solutions and fetch critical data from the accounting tool, without the need for manual interference.

The best cash flow management software should have the following features:
  • Send timely follow-up reminders on up overdue invoices.
  • Generate timely a comprehensive projected cash flow statement.
  • Send timely automated reminders to pay off invoices.
  • Send automated emails to customers on the statement of accounts.
  • Make a comparative analysis of actual sales and budgeted sales.
  • Maintain history of communication with both vendors and customers based on invoices.
  • Project cash flow.
  • Project receivables and payables statements.
  • Manage all issued and received post-dated checks.
  • Provide a list of overdue invoices that are yet to be followed up.
  • Send reminders to credit insurance about any defaulter.
If you are looking for a cash flow management software tool that meets your business needs, get your hands on Cashpundit today, so you can spend time focusing on core competencies that really matter. Easy to learn and use, Cashpundit is one Cash flow software tool you cannot ignore when it comes to taking control of your finances, cash flow, and bookkeeping and make significant time and financial savings. With the leading cash flow solution, get real-time reports on your finances and cash position, making it easy to understand how your business is moving and how cash flow affects your organization.

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