Businessmen : The fifth package of economic stimulus boosts corporate liquidity

George K Thomas, CEO of Pinnacle Smart Technologies, said that the UAE’s laws gives a crucial hope for significant industries in UAE, for real estate, construction, tourism, hospitality, and technology to get back on track economically, which in turn will have a very positive impact on the market as a whole. We have great anticipation for a lot of business to come on board and trust us”, George also added: “Agility is key; have an agile mindset and have your processes and technologies reconfigured as new situations demand. Empower employees to respond to shifting demands and build in elements to improve predictability so that you can be better prepared and respond fast”.

George K. Thomas, CEO of Pinnacle Smart Technologies: The launch of the fifth package of economic stimulus will contribute to promoting the growth of vital sectors in Dubai, most notably real estate, building and construction, tourism and hospitality, which will witness increasing demand with the approaching date of the Expo, which will therefore be reflected positively. On the economy of the emirate in general.

He added: The new package affirms that wise leadership is always present, and spares no effort in order to preserve the competitive investment environment of the emirate, enhance business continuity and raise the level of confidence in the great growth potential of Dubai, and the package also allows to enhance the institutional agility of the business sector and increase its ability to respond quickly. For emergency changes in the corporate environment, to have the flexibility to re-arrange operational processes.