10 winning habits of a successful CEO

Winners have certain common habits that go a long way in helping them reach where they are

1) Starting the day early

Waking up early is something that almost all successful CEOs do. So much so that the adage goes, “Show me a CEO who wakes up late and you are showing me a mediocre CEO”. Starting the day early gives you the time to plan your day, reflect, read, write, go through your mail, work out and so forth.

2) Exercising and meditating

Almost all successful CEOs say they take care of their physical and mental health. It helps them to stay focused and provides them the requisite energy. Be it a jog, or the treadmill or just a stretch-and-bend routine, CEOs do some form of physical exercise. Meditation is another common feature. Most CEOs say it helps them get rid of the cobwebs in their mind and sharpens their focus.

3) Staying organised

CEOs are busy people – staying organised is the key to their success. Most of them have some kind of a system to stay on track and not get distracted by interruptions. Be it a filing system, a to-do list, a memo-to-self, a diary or a personal assistant who keeps track of the small details, organisation is an imperative without which the entire schedule can go haywire.

4) Being punctual

Very rarely will you come across a CEO who is not punctual. Valuing time is essential – it helps you get the most out of the day. People who do not respect their time are very likely not to respect the time of other people as well. It is not just about good manners – time, literally, is money; it is a non-renewable resource. And all CEOs know its importance.

5) Staying abreast of events

No matter how busy they are, successful CEOs always keep themselves well-informed about current events, global happenings, latest trends in technology, stock markets, politics, even art and entertainment. It is not enough to know only about your own sector – a good CEO is a well-rounded personality, well-read and well-informed.

6) Delegating work

Good CEOs know that they do not need to do everything themselves. But the best CEOs know exactly what it is that they need to do themselves and what they can delegate.

Distributing the work load and decentralising the decision-making process are the hallmarks of great CEOs.

So, learn to understand what only you can do, and what can be passed down the line.

7) Willingness to learn

All successful CEOs share the passion to learn – continuous learning is what makes them so good at what they do. They never feel they know enough, they never stop imbibing new ideas, they never stop thinking and dreaming. Great CEOs never let ego get in the way of learning – they will learn from even the most junior person in the company.

8) Having a balanced approach to life

“If you want to be successful at work, go and play” is a dictum most successful CEOs follow. Here, playing means doing things other than just work.

Most CEOs realise the dangers of over-working and burning out. They balance their work schedules and find time to relax and spend precious moments with their family and friends. It re-charges them and enables them to take on more work.

9) Eating right

How many successful CEOs can you think of who are overweight, have poor health and constantly look fatigued? Not many, right? Good leaders know the importance of looking after themselves, eating right and remaining fit. A healthy body is necessary to have a keen mind and focus, something that no good CEO can do without.

10) Having a hobby

Almost every successful CEO has a hobby – some collect art, others play golf, some are music buffs, others devour fiction.

It could be anything, or more than just one thing, as long as it is something! A hobby takes the pressure off and keeps you young at heart, enabling you to appreciate the good things of life.

Of course, this does not mean that all good CEOs have all these habits, but it is a fact that most of them have most of these habits. So, go ahead and teach yourself to be a winner.

Source: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/business/local/10-winning-habits-of-a-successful-ceo

George Thomas – Chief Executive Officer, Pinnacle Smart Technologies