Data breaches are a growing problem, with third-party apps blamed for almost 70% of cyber attacks. Your organization needs a consistent tool to patch your operating systems, servers, and apps. Ivanti patch management makes it easier to protect your system. Many organizations struggle to keep their systems current, particularly when the software updates beyond the OS. Comprehensive patch management is integral to improving the security of workstations and servers, ensuring easy availability of data. It is also important to keep your business reputation intact as data center is integral to your organization. At Pinnacle, we are Ivanti partners that focus on keeping your systems secure.


In a world of rapidly expanding mobility, it is getting more challenging to secure and manage endpoints. Ivanti patch management spans across physical and virtual servers. It is a user-friendly solution to keep your business secure and help your tech team focus on core competencies, analyze and deploy missing patches, and patch everything from the operating system and the most vulnerable third-party apps. With Ivanti® Patch Manager, you can constantly and comprehensively discover and assess numerous client systems without disrupting productivity.

Many organizations juggle different tools for patching physical and virtual servers. This involves time and resources and there is a high risk of human error. With Ivanti endpoint security, it becomes easier to unify IT and security operations for the better management of the digital workplace. As a result, there is a reduced risk of data breaches with insights and automation and better IT service delivery.

IT landscape is undergoing a change with Ivanti patch management, which is literally breaking down IT silos with automated processes.

Ivanti patch management is a single automated solution that spans across workstations and physical and virtual servers, Windows OS and third-party apps.

As an Ivanti partner, Pinnacle prides itself on offering clients tools to

  • Centralize device and data management
  • Enforce security policies on data encryption
  • Comply with compliance regulations
  • Respond to user demands
  • Secure the organization

Ivanti patch management provides an additional layer of security against malware, so clients can better manage and secure the digital workspace.

  • Data Protection
  • Database Security
  • Privacy protection
  • Information Management


With Ivanti that combines endpoint and security management, organizations can achieve smarter endpoint management and improve management of physical and virtual endpoints, including desktops, servers, point of sale devices, roaming laptops, self-service kiosks, and ATMs.

The tool can foresee potential threats, helping in real-time protection and remediation on endpoints. It can easily identify and patch vulnerabilities across operating systems as well as third-party apps. Automation of time-intensive tasks across networks can help users better control costs, reduce risk, and better manage compliance.

Ivanti patch management is your first line of defense for endpoint security. With Pinnacle’s ivanti endpoint security, your desktops, servers, mobiles, and laptops are protected across the organization.