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Structured Cabling System Dubai


When we speak about network infrastructure in general, the first thought that triggers in our mind is a well complemented structured cabling system that completes the network infrastructure system. Similarly in most companies where internet is a lifeline for its core operations, a structured network cabling system is a must for a robust network infrastructure. If the network infrastructure is well formulated then it is definitely an added advantage for the company. In a city like Dubai wherein most of the companies have turned digital, companies rely on the internet that needs to be supported by a strong structured cabling system.

Pinnacle is a well-known network cabling company in Dubai experienced in providing clients technically sound & cost effective structured cabling systems in Dubai. At Pinnacle, we ensure that we provide our clients with the best structured cabling system made of high end materials.

As a structured cabling company in Dubai, we do realize that every business is in need of a good structured cabling system. And hence, it’s advisable that every business in the internet city of Dubai has an efficient structured cabling system.

Pinnacle can help design, install & monitor cabling systems once implemented for a business in its entire life cycle. Thus we ensure our service includes installation of highly competitive cabling products that’s affordable for every business in Dubai.


A business operating in a challenging competitive environment does not want to compromise on its network infrastructure. As mentioned it’s preferable to opt for a structured cabling system in Dubai as opposed to a traditional network cabling system. An efficient IT Infrastructure is always related to a good structured cabling system. Apart from having a strong IT Infrastructure businesses should also look forward to equip data centers so that they are ready to respond changes that occur in the marketplace.

As a structured cabling system company in Dubai we design network cabling systems in an organized manner to deliver reliable connectivity, minimal upgrades, outlive network components and support all standard based network applications in the future. Our structured cabling system follows an approach that’s well thought of, to save costs and bring in efficiency. With an open-office cabling approach, performing rearrangements and upgrades becomes cost effective. This helps enterprises make significant savings in material and labor.

Thanks to its high flexibility, a structured cabling system is the best way to simplify complex business operations, providing a flexible interface that helps in information sharing and system building by using standardized elements. A properly installed and administered structured cabling system helps reduce cost and increase ROI at every stage of its life cycle, from installation to maintenance, relocation, upgrades, and administration.

  • Structured cabling system is a cost-effective investment that will continue to serve your business for a much longer time than other networking components and require minimal upgrades, thus maximizing your ROI. The International Engineering Consortium asserts that businesses can significantly reduce construction costs for cabling by almost 30 percent when it comes to integrating delivery methods.
  • A solid structured cabling system is your best investment that will continue to support all future applications, while requiring minimal updates and upgrades.
  • Structured cabling offers the best alternative compared to older systems when it comes to simplifying complex business operations due to its high flexibility.
  • Structured cabling systems are highly scalable and easier to fix compared to any other communication system. In a structured system, the problem can be easily identified. When your business begins to expand, you will find it seamless and cost effective to upgrade the cabling system with their standardized components.


When it comes to providing network based security to our customers, we are experts in providing data center security. A data center is designed to ensure that the client’s data is secure so that customers remain confident that their sensitive information will never be compromised and stay safe with the data center provider. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the restrictions of working within such demanding facilities, we give top priority to the security of our IT infrastructure and data centers. Through our skill and experience we implement strong security mechanism’s that ensure all your business data is safe within each data center.


We also provide CCTV systems in Dubai to our clients. We keep updating our knowledge in the CCTV Industry and provide CCTV solutions that are most suited to our clients in Dubai.

With experience in different aspects of security, we pride ourselves on our expertise in the design, installation, and maintenance of CCTV solutions, helping you meet CCTV safety, security, and management requirements. Our qualified and trained staff is well-versed with all aspects of CCTV and can offer the best consultation on the perfect CCTV solutions for your application.


Our structured cabling systems in Dubai are designed in such a manner that’s it perfect to serve the network infrastructure of any company. Before we provide a structured cabling system to be installed on your business area we take a bit feedback from your end. This may include the nature and type of network infrastructure, the preferred internet bandwidth and a few takeaways to ensure we deliver the best type of cabling system for your company. As mentioned repeatedly, a structured cabling system is the backbone of a communication network of any firm. Structured cabling is an indispensable part of an enterprise communication network upon which all other activities of the firm depend. You can completely trust us a structured cabling company in Dubai with years of experience & expertise. Rely on our structured cabling systems to ensure the smooth running of your business. When you work with Pinnacle, you’ll never have to bother about the planning, design and implementation of the structured cabling system for your company. We make an attempt to study your company, its resources available and then we suggest the best solution for the installation of a good structured cabling system for your company. Rely on our structured cabling systems to ensure smooth functioning of your business. When you work with Pinnacle, you never have to worry about planning, developing, and design your structured cabling system, for our IT infrastructure Dubai experts will take care of everything to meet all your current and future needs. Our cable system specialists design our structured cable systems to produce cost effective and efficient structured cable systems that perfectly suites your business. At Pinnacle, Structured Cabling is our core competency, providing a comprehensive selection of cost-effective and highly efficient cabling products, with incomparable IT support and service, helping reduce cost through each phase of its lifecycle, from installation to maintenance to administration.

Today’s competitive world requires enterprises to be efficiently equipped with the best IT infrastructure in Dubai in order to respond fast to the developments occurring in the marketplace and stay ahead of the competition. This may involve modernization of data center to comply with the new regulatory requirements or installing new equipment that meets compliance guidelines. For some other businesses, the focus is on reducing the development and deployment cycle of services imperative for the retention of existing customers and attracting new ones. Thus in order to undertake these competitive strategies to march ahead in the race, a structured cabling system is essential to provide a solid platform of a communication network. It is here that a structured cabling system comes into play, offering a platform to build an overall information system strategy.

Pinnacle has been building innovative IT solutions to serve our client’s strategic business needs. We pride ourselves on providing cutting-edge yet cost-effective solutions and best performing structured cabling systems


In this ever demanding world of competition, businesses must focus on getting their IT basics right, this involves making good use of IT Infrastructure facilities to spread awareness about your business globally. At Pinnacle we have earned the trust of our clients for providing custom services & products suited to different enterprises to build an ideal IT Infrastructure for their company. As discussed repeatedly an ideal IT Infrastructure comes only after deploying a good structured cabling system for your company. Over the years, we as a company have realized how important it is to contribute in this service of providing better structured cabling systems to different enterprises or companies in Dubai.

As one of the leading IT Infrastructure companies in Dubai that’s earned through experience & expertise, we are your best choice for a structured cabling company in Dubai for your business. Pinnacle is the leader in the telecommunications industry, supplying standards-based structured cabling systems for clients. We provide the highest quality, technologically advanced, and best performing structured cabling system and build an Ethernet and IT infrastructure to serve your future business needs, helping you carry your success into the future. Our cabling systems will help reduce construction cost for voice, data and BMS usage and moving, upgrading, and rearranging by almost 30%.

If you are moving or upgrading, we can equip you with the latest IT infrastructure in Dubai to address the ever-changing needs of the industry. Our standardized structured cabling system will make upgrading easier and cost effective. These technologically advanced systems are easier to fix and will require minimal updates to support future applications.

If you are struggling with the rainbow of cables and plan to upgrade your network, come in touch with Pinnacle – your one-stop source for all your telecommunication and cabling needs. Certified by leading vendors, our engineers work closely wiring experts to design and install cutting-edge cabling systems for clients, ensuring you stay on top of the competition.


  • “The knowledge, experience and persistence shown by staff of Pinnacle Computer Systems enabled us to overcome the time tribulations of our deal and get to the finish line in time. They are truly experts in software and IT services. We highly recommend Pinnacle Computer Systems, and would gladly use them again in the future projects. ”

    Dubai Air Navigation Services
  • “IT Infrastructure of EMI Music Arabia is outsourced and managed by Pinnacle Computer Systems since 2004. Our experience with Pinnacle Team has been very good, for over a decade now. In Particular, their trouble shooting skills and speed of response to deal with IT related issues has been very efficient and prompt"

    Sunil BalasubramanyamFinance Analyst - EMI Music Arabia
  • “I’m very impressed with Pinnacle team (family). Your staff is quite competent, very responsive and well-organized! Pinnacle team performed exceedingly well and in a proactive manner during the project and delivered all required services on time without adverse business impact. Thanks again for your cooperation.”

    Mahir CiftcibasiTMEA Regional IT Leader - Turkey, Middle East and Africa, Dupont
  • "Pinnacle has a long association with IFFCO primarily in the area of providing resources for Application support. We have always seen that resources from Pinnacle are very committed. Also there is a very high flexibility of Pinnacle in their approach to Customer. They remain an IT Services provider to IFFCO and we recommend them for their long term and flexible approach."

    Joydeep RoyDIrector IT - IFFCO
  • "We, ITR Middle East FZCO, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, are in Partnership with Pinnacle for our ERP System since 2008, our experience with Pinnacle is Great in the areas of Software Solutions, support and quick attention to trouble shooting. They have taken much initiative to solve our Customized solutions in running our business in a much faster and effective way. Since we are happy with the team and the product; we are now upgrading the product for more convenient, faster and effective solutions for our line of business".

    P. C. RoyFinance Manager - ITR Middle East FZCO
  • "Getting my data backed up is becoming more and more important given the amount of video footage, I have been recording for my online sales programs. I love the fact that Pinnacle Team came over listened, understood and provided me with a backup to ensure all is under control! I highly recommend Pinnacle as the partner of choice for your IT and Software Solutions."

    Ramez HelouFounder & CEO - The Academy for sales Excellence Management Consultancy
  • "We would like to thank Pinnacle for the excellence service they have provided us over the year. They always take time to understand what we are trying to achieve and are helpful, patient and responsive. Pinnacle and the service they provide have become an integral part of our business operations. By selecting Pinnacle as our IT partner, our firm has been able to effectively utilize technologies that substantially increase our productivity, allowing us to better  serve our clients and keeps us ahead of the competition."

    Niousha EhsanManaging Director - Link Viva
  • "We used to have regular issues with our IT Infrastructure. Signing and Annual Support Contract with Pinnacle, our issues resolved within 24 hours and the issues have dropped drastically resulting into smooth and reduced downtime."

    Ganesh IyerMarketing Partner - FLC Marketing
  • "With reference to the installation, cabling and hardware implementation at the office of Cartalyst Solutions, Aroma & Spice Catering Services LLC at DIP2 Pinnacle Team came in well prepared and worked on every bit of detail and ensured that they went above and beyond in every way."

    Bobby KapoorChef Partner - Cartalyst Solutions/Aroma & Spice Catering LLC
  • "I am proud to personally recommend the services of Pinnacle to organizations seeking a top-notch provider who can quickly and efficiently, deploy an effective solution. They were extremely easy to work with in all aspects while providing us with a call center solution. They have shown their excellence in delivering promises what we have made to our valued customers and maintained the standards of quality".

    Joshi TekrajIT Manager - Indigo Airlines



ball-457334_1280Servers must always be up and running for the smooth functioning of your business online. The downtime of servers can be a cause for great concern for an organization. However, annual maintenance can save you headache of successive halts. At Pinnacle, we offer annual maintenance Dubai services and take responsibility of ensuring that your server and IT equipment continue to run efficiently and deliver quality performance all the time.

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