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An efficient IT security system in today’s world is a must for every enterprise. Every Enterprise is concerned that their business information is secured from cyber threat attacks. Hence they implement IT security mechanisms in order to ensure that their information is not vulnerable to cyber threat attacks that might lead loss or alteration of data.

IT security threats are not new to the computer world. Unfortunately, there has been a growing incidence of threats, with the rise in the number of IT vulnerabilities. In such situations it becomes difficult for enterprises to build their own IT security systems, that’s why they need to rely on an IT security company in Dubai that will help them build a robust IT security system that’s free from vulnerabilities. To make matters worse, traditional approaches to dealing with security threats are no longer effective. With the rise of potential hackers and experts that deal with comprising data, it is necessary to instill a robust & up to date IT security system that’s capable of securing enterprise data as a whole. This helps combat risks related to cyber threats and enterprises can properly manage web apps, big data and social media.

Pinnacle can help you overcome all these IT related challenges by offering a highly reliable & robust IT security system for your enterprise in Dubai. With our IT security systems at Dubai, you can get access to unparalleled threat intelligence, integrated technologies, and highly flexible managed services customized to your business needs.

Pinnacle after analyzing all your business needs can offer you the ideal package of security solutions to safeguard all the important resources of your enterprise. Pinnacle’s resource of IT security experts with decades of experience in offering services can assure your business deal with all the IT security challenges involved. Availing our IT risk assessment services can tremendously help your business secure data economically. All our IT security packages are feasible for your business.

Managed Security Services

Whether you’re fighting new threats or finding it hard to scan vulnerabilities, face hardships in meeting strict IT budget demands, or seek greater efficiency around your compliance, data protection, and security initiatives, Pinnacle’s managed security services are designed to handle all of these challenges.

  • Anticipate cyber attacks
  • Detect vulnerabilities
  • Mitigate risk
  • Defend and protect assets
  • Ensure compliance
  • Prevent cyber security threats
  • Monitor & report security incidents

Backed by experts with the right set of skills and diversified awareness of products, we pride ourselves on offering reliable managed security Dubai services to build layers of protection, expose potential vulnerabilities through penetrate testing, and secure your internal and web apps through application of heterogeneous security frameworks.

With a dedicated security team with unmatched threat intelligence and rich security expertise, we can help you identify threats, elevate data protection strategies and effectively manage threats, while ensuring that you have complete visibility and control.


  • Managed Protection Services: Protect your computer systems, servers, and networks from cyber threats.
  • Firewall Management: Remotely monitor your firewall traffic and manage your firewall security with more robust, managed protection solutions. Our managed security Dubai services are designed to streamline and simplify firewall log monitoring.
  • Intrusion detection: Secure your network from potential internal and external threats.
  • Intelligent cloud log management: Use cloud-based solutions to reduce security threats to your mobile and web apps.
  • Technology upgrades: Reduce risk through virtually seamless timely security upgrades.
  • Security intelligence analysis: IT security assessment of threats using a dedicated specialist for in-depth analysis and web gateway management.
  • Security Consulting: Deliver expert security consulting for clients to help you reduce cyber security risk, maintain regulatory compliance, secure your critical apps, and reach your security goals.


We are qualified and up to date with the latest IT security measures need to deal with major security setbacks. As an IT security company in Dubai we have dealt with our clients and our experience over the past 20 years helped us gain trust as anIT security service provider in Dubai. Protect all your enterprises confidential, important information and intellectual property from hackers and cyber criminals with our IT security services that’s built upon proprietary technology and threat intelligence. We as IT security certified experts in Dubai are willing to assist your business to detect, prevent and act when cyber-attacks occur through strategies and counter measures that will strengthen the IT security system of your enterprise.

With commitment to protecting customer data and intellectual property from cyber threats, we leverage our award-winning information security services Dubai to supplement your security efforts with our proven expertise, removing security management and monitoring burden from your shoulders. So you can focus on your core competencies while we take charge of your cyber security.





ball-457334_1280Servers must always be up and running for the smooth functioning of your business online. The downtime of servers can be a cause for great concern for an organization. However, annual maintenance can save you headache of successive halts. At Pinnacle, we offer annual maintenance Dubai services and take responsibility of ensuring that your server and IT equipment continue to run efficiently and deliver quality performance all the time.

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