Cloud Migration Services

With the rising demand, businesses are struggling to accommodate IT capacity for innovation. There is a growing need to free up the infrastructure to fill the gap between rising demand and shrinking IT capacity. It is here that you can make a cloud migration strategy to move apps and processes to the cloud in order to free up the infrastructure. Cloud migration helps
  • Bridge the difference between demand and IT capacity
  • Identify areas of risk
  • Recognize opportunities to improve critical business functions
At Pinnacle, we offer robust services to help you devise a cloud migration plan to mitigate risk, improve performance, and spur business growth. With efficient cloud migration services, you can migrate your data in different forms to the cloud, without any risk of loss. This involves all forms of data, including apps, email, and file server, from a hosted environment or on-site servers to a different data center.


When choosing a cloud service provider, you should look for one that
  • Is a partner in your growth and can help ease the transition process
  • Provides the right people to assist with your cloud migration project plan
  • Can help you navigate the technical challenges of moving your on-premises workloads to the cloud
  • Can set up user permissions and identity management
  • Has knowledge about security standards
  • Can ensure security in the cloud
  • Can meet compliance standards in the cloud
  • Focuses on minimizing downtime for clients
  • Is focused on low-risk transformation that provides high returns
  • Can deliver complex migrations
  • Can ensure seamless cloud-to-cloud movement
  • Can build a parallel cloud environment for a trial before going live


Migrate to the cloud with optimized patterns that improve your growth opportunity and deliver fast returns. Irrespective of where you plan to move in the cloud, the best cloud migration plan is designed to reduce cost, ensure security and compliance, and improve operational reliability.

Azure cloud migration process involves:
  • Workflow Assessment
  • Technical Assessment
  • Cloud Environment development
  • Application deployment
  • Cloud Environment Test
  • Data Migration
  • Email Migration
  • Cloud environment testing with existing data
At Pinnacle, we provide a proven framework for accelerated migration to the cloud. We try to ensure that app migration is done right every time.

We take pride in ensuring that your data security is a top priority at Pinnacle. Our cost-effective cloud migration solution can reduce your hardware footprint, helping you migrate data with proven encrypted technology. We evaluate your workloads so that your mission critical applications are mapped. We also try to ensure maintenance of security policies and critical links.

Trust Pinnacle’s cloud migration plan for:
  • Data protection
  • Infrastructure security
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Identity and Access Management
Our experienced cloud architects have decades of experience in azure cloud migration and can implement proven processes so you can rapidly and securely get to the cloud. We pride ourselves on our agile approach focused on flawless integration with your priorities and minimizing the risks of cloud ecosystem.

We are dedicated to delivering cloud migration with foreseeable results, ensuring a seamless cloud experience. Work with best-of-the-breed tools to optimize and streamline data collection and meet the ever-changing market demands.