Call Center Solutions



With the change in technological solutions, call centers have begun utilizing the right technological call center solutions for their business. Call center enterprises have thus evolved their solutions with better technological advances in call center technology. Hence, enterprises rely on the latest call center solutions for running their business smoothly without any difficulties.

With Dubai now being an internet city with technological developments, call centers that once used conventional/outdated solutions for their business have now slowly begun to use technically sound and upgraded call center solutions. This means integrated range of media, data channels and multi channel contact centers have substituted traditional call center solutions hence creating a unified contact center environment which includes:
  • IP networks
  • IP-based voice applications
  • Multichannel services on converged networks, including video, text, voice, instant messaging, email, Web collaboration
  • Customer relationship management
With the use of Pinnacle’s smart unified communication systems in Dubai, smart call center solutions are provided to your call center. This will help your call center be integrated, comprehensive and help in the transition from a conventional solution to a modern, dynamic and multi channeled call center environment. Our scalable IT infrastructure in Dubai is designed to help your business seamlessly handle all types of customer interaction, making sure your customers have access to the right resources all the time.


Easy to deploy & use, our call center solutions in Dubai are supported by a robust communication system. This will help to ensure secure and seamless customer interactions. Designed with intelligent routing and resource selection features, it helps you match the right agents with particular skills for customers with specific needs. Our call center services in Dubai help your employees serve customers better helping your enterprise deliver the best user experience to their customer.

What’s more, Pinnacle’s IT support Dubai platform allows you to designate a single pool of agents, beyond geographical boundaries, to assist customers through their preferred contact channel. Expanding customer service channels to include instant messaging, SMS, email, social media, and voice or audio can help you deliver the best customer experience all the time. Improving your call center efficiency is vital for delivering a better customer experience every time. Outstanding personalized customer experience would mean more business and deliver huge benefits in the form of customer loyalty and brand promotion, giving you an edge over the competition.


Through the use of our call center solutions supported by smart IP telephone systems, your call center agents can work efficiently by leveraging instant messaging capabilities. This will help customers connect with experts faster that will in turn help in resolving queries efficiently. As a result a single agent can handle simultaneous customer requests irrespective of the customer’s communications channel.

Historical and real-time reporting helps your agents and managers to determine your most valuable customers, analyze customer trend, understand customer behavior, establish performance benchmarks and see how customers are being served. Accordingly, you can align your business goals with customer service and marketing campaigns and thus improve efficiency of your call center.


The Pinnacle Unified Contact Center Enterprise is dedicated to providing a cutting-edge IP-based call center solution in Dubai that allows secure, seamless integration of voice applications with web applications to improve business efficiency, productivity, and customer service. We design call center solutions by analyzing the main requirements and critical resources needed by call centers in Dubai.

Customer always expect excellent service that’s reliable and ideal for their business. At Pinnacle we are aware what the customers expect as a solution for their business and hence we provide the best call center services in Dubai. Our solutions are integrated and will enable you meet customer expectations, avail full range of capabilities to deliver exceptional customer service thus helping businesses double their revenue streams.



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Is technology taking over your entire space? Are you looking for implementing cutting-edge technologies but lack the space to do so? Well, virtualization holds the key, with capabilities that enable enterprises to distinguish resources and services from underlying delivery of services.