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Orion ERP Dubai – Purpose & Significance

Enterprise Resource Planning better known as ERP Software’s is an ever growing field that helps organization acquire better control of their business operations and manage diverse activities. Orion ERP a component of an ERP software is exclusively designed for the purpose of integrating diverse functions , processes and systems of an enterprise smoothly thus enabling businesses to attain better insights and control different business operations through a single application. We at Pinnacle ensure every product of our Orion ERP Software in Dubai adheres to the purpose of implementing the software into the mainstream process of several businesses. We at Pinnacle are Orion ERP Dubai experts with decades of experience helping clients achieve better control of their business operation.
We help clients to:-

  • achieve excellence across different functional areas of your business
  • transform your organization into an efficient, highly profitable business
  • focus on your core competencies

Orion ERP Dubai lets your business stay in the competition

Orion is a part of an ERP solution in Dubai is cost efficient and comprehensive. Orion ERP Dubai delivers beneficial features that enable businesses to track, understand and meet market requirements, control sales target and enhance customer satisfaction. As a meticulously structured company, Pinnacle boasts a strong standing in the ERP solutions market, helping clients fulfill future needs in different processes, including e-procurement, e-business, and Supply Chain Management (SCM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications.

With a powerful suite of cutting-edge tools, Orion ERP is the ultimate solution to address the challenges facing businesses today, integrating business processes at all levels for a more efficient organization.

  • Orion ERP provides advanced tools for cash management, financial planning, and cash flow analysis. Such efficient management throughout the enterprise increases financial data accuracy and enhances budgeting and forecasting capabilities of the organization.
  • ERP Orion benefits manufacturing businesses through its integrated automation tools that streamline intensive processes.
  • Orion is a blessing for sales businesses, providing real-time access to product, customer, and performance information. Not only this, Orion works efficiently across diverse channels and departments.
  • Retail businesses have the advantage of using the efficient electronic system for flawless management of different functions, including point-of-sale management, bar coding, and multi-pricing levels.
  • For contracting businesses, the Pinnacle Orion solution enables efficient tracking of the entire project through advanced analytical and monitoring tools.
  • Orion ERP system provides human resources with an integrated interface that facilitates effective personnel management and ensures smooth operations.

Why Choose Pinnacle as an Orion ERP Dubai provider?

To make the most of our Orion ERP Dubai solution, Pinnacle leverages our specialization in enterprise management to use the innovative system for decision support and integrate transformation across customers, employees, suppliers, processes, partners and technology.

  • Our ready-to-deploy ERP solution makes it possible to merge transactional fluidity with individualized client and supplier management operations across organizations.
  • Our ERP Orion Dubai experts believe in serving you with efficient and speedy systemized solutions and providing dedicated IT support to help you gain competitive advantage.
  • We specialize in offering customized Orion Enterprise solutions for clients across different industry verticals, including Retail, Energy, Manufacturing, Ports, Sales, Finance, Contracting, Retail, Distribution, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource and Payroll, and Auto Dealership Management.

The scalable Pinnacle Orion ERP has become an integral addition for businesses to streamline processes and integrate complex data while enabling you to access different business processes from a single application.

We understand the struggles organizations go through to fulfil their business requirements, hence we ensure our Orion ERP Dubai is specially designed with aspects that favour smooth business operations. With a focus on helping clients lower overall operational costs and improve operational efficiency, the Orion ERP Dubai experts at Pinnacle strive to reduce project implementation time by almost 50 percent, thus making huge savings and maximizing ROI.

What is So Special About 3i Infotech Orion ERP

It is a highly versatile and scalable solution that meets the needs of different organizations across industry verticals, helping you acquire better control of your operations. It is designed to make management of diverse activities a breeze for organizations. Orion ERP is designed to make the integration of diverse processes, functions, and solutions smooth. This helps an organization get better insight so they can control business operations through a single platform.

The cost efficient and comprehensive Orion ERP Dubai solution comes with beneficial features, which enable an organization to track market requirements and work toward achieving them, control sales targets, enhance productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

Pinnacle has been a pioneer in the industry, catering to the needs of clients across different processes, which include customer relationship management, e-business, e-procurement, and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

The core modules of 3i Infotech Orion ERP emphasize mobility, personalization, 360-degree view, application programming interface and Enterprise Tools cater to the needs of businesses with multi-location presence.

Pinnacle has been working hard to ensure that our Orion ERP support products are efficient enough to implement the solution in the mainstream process of our clients, so they can have a better control of their processes.


  • “The knowledge, experience and persistence shown by staff of Pinnacle Computer Systems enabled us to overcome the time tribulations of our deal and get to the finish line in time. They are truly experts in software and IT services. We highly recommend Pinnacle Computer Systems, and would gladly use them again in the future projects. ”

    Dubai Air Navigation Services
  • “IT Infrastructure of EMI Music Arabia is outsourced and managed by Pinnacle Computer Systems since 2004. Our experience with Pinnacle Team has been very good, for over a decade now. In Particular, their trouble shooting skills and speed of response to deal with IT related issues has been very efficient and prompt"

    Sunil BalasubramanyamFinance Analyst - EMI Music Arabia
  • “I’m very impressed with Pinnacle team (family). Your staff is quite competent, very responsive and well-organized! Pinnacle team performed exceedingly well and in a proactive manner during the project and delivered all required services on time without adverse business impact. Thanks again for your cooperation.”

    Mahir CiftcibasiTMEA Regional IT Leader - Turkey, Middle East and Africa, Dupont
  • "Pinnacle has a long association with IFFCO primarily in the area of providing resources for Application support. We have always seen that resources from Pinnacle are very committed. Also there is a very high flexibility of Pinnacle in their approach to Customer. They remain an IT Services provider to IFFCO and we recommend them for their long term and flexible approach."

    Joydeep RoyDIrector IT - IFFCO
  • "We, ITR Middle East FZCO, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE, are in Partnership with Pinnacle for our ERP System since 2008, our experience with Pinnacle is Great in the areas of Software Solutions, support and quick attention to trouble shooting. They have taken much initiative to solve our Customized solutions in running our business in a much faster and effective way. Since we are happy with the team and the product; we are now upgrading the product for more convenient, faster and effective solutions for our line of business".

    P. C. RoyFinance Manager - ITR Middle East FZCO
  • "Getting my data backed up is becoming more and more important given the amount of video footage, I have been recording for my online sales programs. I love the fact that Pinnacle Team came over listened, understood and provided me with a backup to ensure all is under control! I highly recommend Pinnacle as the partner of choice for your IT and Software Solutions."

    Ramez HelouFounder & CEO - The Academy for sales Excellence Management Consultancy
  • "We would like to thank Pinnacle for the excellence service they have provided us over the year. They always take time to understand what we are trying to achieve and are helpful, patient and responsive. Pinnacle and the service they provide have become an integral part of our business operations. By selecting Pinnacle as our IT partner, our firm has been able to effectively utilize technologies that substantially increase our productivity, allowing us to better  serve our clients and keeps us ahead of the competition."

    Niousha EhsanManaging Director - Link Viva
  • "We used to have regular issues with our IT Infrastructure. Signing and Annual Support Contract with Pinnacle, our issues resolved within 24 hours and the issues have dropped drastically resulting into smooth and reduced downtime."

    Ganesh IyerMarketing Partner - FLC Marketing
  • "With reference to the installation, cabling and hardware implementation at the office of Cartalyst Solutions, Aroma & Spice Catering Services LLC at DIP2 Pinnacle Team came in well prepared and worked on every bit of detail and ensured that they went above and beyond in every way."

    Bobby KapoorChef Partner - Cartalyst Solutions/Aroma & Spice Catering LLC
  • "I am proud to personally recommend the services of Pinnacle to organizations seeking a top-notch provider who can quickly and efficiently, deploy an effective solution. They were extremely easy to work with in all aspects while providing us with a call center solution. They have shown their excellence in delivering promises what we have made to our valued customers and maintained the standards of quality".

    Joshi TekrajIT Manager - Indigo Airlines


Wondersoft-Pte-LtdManaging and growing your business profitably wasn’t so easy before. Thanks to the advent of information technology, it is easier than ever for businesses to implement and manage enterprise applications and manage business operations accurately and hassle free. As a premier retail solutions Dubai provider, Pinnacle prides itself on providing comprehensive business management solutions for the retail sector, irrespective of the size of your business.

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