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Enjay CRM Solutions for your Business in Dubai

In a corporate setup, it may happen that employees of a particular team may use different locations to search & store information. It’s here that a robust software like Enjay CRM can help. Enjay Synapse CRM Software ensures that all the data is stored at one location, this would help the team save time on trivial tasks and focus on being productive.

At Pinnacle, we’re one of the leading Enjay CRM Software providers in Dubai. Our software addresses key issues, filling communication gaps, managing better sales & marketing, enhancing customer support and improving team functionality. Summing up our Enjay CRM Software serves many purposes & is well marketed by our firm.

What is Enjay Synapse?

Telephony and software continue to be the key drivers of today’s businesses. However, one drawback is that they cannot communicate with each other. Integration of these two could add value to any business. The use of this sales cloud CRM can bridge the gap and make them talk with each other. It is an all-in-one IPPBX, CRM, CTI, and recording device that serves many purposes and is available at a competitive price with Pinnacle.

Enjay Synapse Features

As mentioned above, Enjay Synapse brings in a ton of features viable to your business. Manage your sales, marketing, customer support, and team functions with the Enjay CRM Dubai solution, designed with Asterisk Engine. The scalable, flexible, and powerful telephony solution uses standard x86 PC hardware and Universal API to connect with any EPABX or software.

  • Low cost of operation makes it an ideal sales cloud CRM solution for small businesses
  • Simple browser-based user interface for easy management
  • Scalable, flexible solution for medium to large call centers
  • Easy to integrate with Email, Website, SMS, Social Media
  • Built on SugarCRM platform
  • Built-in click to call any number in the module, account, contact
  • In-built lead-to-CRM
  • Supports 4/8 PSTN lines, GSM/ PSTN gateway, 100 IP extensions
  • Records incoming and outgoing calls in compressed format
  • Block feature for incoming/outgoing numbers
  • Get complete details of caller
  • Website integration to convert visitors
  • Backup module for disaster recovery (Optional)
  • Call me now feature
  • Facilitates team management with task module
  • Advanced Reporting tool
  • Live dashboard to monitor calls
  • Prebuilt reports that can be scheduled and customized
  • Tally and SMS pro integration (Optional feature)
  • Direct lead capturing from Website form to CRM

Having learnt the features, Enjay CRM Software Dubai is certainly the solution to many challenges businesses face today. As of one of the robust CRM Software’s in Dubai, Enjay CRM connects to your website, mobile, suppliers, telephony and the team. Thus giving you better ROI on the money invested by the business.

Expand your business reach with website or mobile click to call feature of Enjay Synapse, which comes with various add-ons and modules and is thus expandable.

Enjay Synapse Mini

Powered by Enjay Synapse OS and Intel Processor, Synapse Mini is designed for connecting CRM and telephony, so businesses are able to seamlessly handle both in one box.

As a premier Enjay CRM solution provider, we pride ourselves on providing a cutting-edge solution at an affordable price that facilitates the task of handling every aspect of your sales, marketing, and customer support. This ensures that you enjoy the best value for your money and offer the best customer services and thus enjoy continued loyalty.







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